About land-based diving South Africa

Diving in South Africa is very variable, depending on variations in temperature from north to south. The fact that two seas meet at the southern tip, the Cape of Good Hope, of the land. Here there is the cooler water of barely ten degrees in the south, which is home to the great white shark. And further north the tropical 30-degree water at the border with Mozambique. Regardless of where you experience land-based diving in South Africa, you will have exciting experiences. The chances to experience hajar are also very good.

Sharks sharks sharks

Many different species of sharks are common here and shark safaris are popular. Here you have the cold-water sixgill sharks to great white sharks that you experience from a boat or in a cage. Out in the open sea there is the possibility of seeing mako sharks or blue sharks. In the warmer waters you have reef sharks, blacktips and the great tiger shark. Out at Protea banks and Aliwal shoal you can experience bull sharks and the shark that may look the most terrifying of all, the sand tiger shark. A large shark that feeds entirely on fish.

A fantastic spectacle is the sardine run which takes place almost every year. This is one of the ultimate experiences in nature and is not just for divers. It is more of an adventure at sea with the chance to experience whales, sharks, dolphins, birds, seals and much more. Either you do it on one live board or what we recommend through land-based diving here in South Africa.

A big advantage is that you can experience almost all of this in a 14-day trip without feeling stressed. Different species are found at different times of the year while others are seen all year round. You can go here all year round and the marine life is different all the time. You can choose to enjoy the experience at your own pace by driving up the coast on your own. The roads along the coast in South Africa are both safe and well maintained. With the help of a GPS, you can easily drive this tour.

Tailor-made programs and visits to national parks

Or you can choose one of our more tailored programs depending on your wishes and have transfers by car or plane ready. Read through the rest of our information and let us know what suits you best and we will arrange land based diving in South Africa for you. Do you want to combine it with a visit to someone? national park then we'll arrange that too.