About land-based diving Truk Lagoon

Diving in Truk Lagoon is an adventure you won't soon forget. On an area of ​​approximately 200 square kilometers lies a large amount of wreckage from the Second World War. It was on February 17-18, 1944 that American aircraft sank large parts of the Japanese fleet. It anchored here at Truk Lagoon, which with its protective reef forms a safe harbor in the middle of the vastness Pacific. The wrecks of over 250 ships and aircraft are today scattered here. The wreck is teeming with marine life, including over 300 different species of soft and hard coral. In 1971, Jacques-Yves Cousteau put Truk on the map. After his return, the photos were published all over the world and since then divers have been visiting the site to experience land-based diving in Truk Lagoon and these treasures for themselves.

Wreck and reef

Over 40 of Truk's wrecks can be dived today. It's everything from ships in shallow water to wrecks that lie at greater depths and attract the occasional tech diver. The cargo of the wrecks are at least as fascinated as the ships themselves. They are packed with different types of ammunition and parts for trucks and airplanes. The warm water, the wrecks, the corals, the large number of sharks, the over 250 different species of fish and the thriving marine life are reasons why divers return to Truk Lagoon year after year.  

On the elongated outer reef, the walls slope steeply towards the depth. Here it is common to see different species of sharks, manta rays and sea turtles to name a few species. This is also where you do all the shark diving. The average water temperature is 28 degrees and the visibility varies between 10 and 30 meters depending on where you dive in the lagoon and whether there is a current or not on the day you dive. Here at Truk Lagoon you can go and stay on land and dive during the day. It is also possible to dive here from one live board. If you want to make a really fantastic combination, you will partly dive here and partly stop in the Philippines. There you dive Coron which also has several exciting wrecks and offers even more wreck diving.