On the small island of Tolandona in the southeast corner of the island Sulawesi in Indonesia you will find the diving resort Wakatobi. Wakatobi is short for a number of islands that make up a small archipelago in this remote corner of Indonesia. This is perhaps the world's best diving resort with an incredibly high level of service and a great environmental mindset. Here you will find some of the world's most well-preserved coral reefs and with fantastic marine life. From Wakatobi resort you can reach over 40 dive sites and they also have one live board, Pelagian. If you go with it instead of staying at the resort on your dive trip, you can reach even more dive sites.

For those looking for high class, good service and good food, this is perhaps the ultimate diving resort to visit. The outstanding food and total relaxation here mean that many go here to get away from mass tourism and to get here it is the resort's own charter flights that apply. You fly from Bali to the resort's own airstrip on the neighboring island of Tomea and then a short boat ride to the resort. No one comes here who has not booked their diving trip in advance.

Outstanding service, food and diving

There are fixed travel days and you book accommodation and number of diving days in advance. For non-divers, there is also fantastic snorkeling and many of the reefs, including the house reef, are shallow and very rich in marine life. The diving is also fantastic with well-preserved and healthy reefs. The macro life is outstanding with nudibranchs, flatworms, pygmy seahorses, crustaceans, octopuses, ghost pipe fish, frog fish and much more. Here you also have a very beautiful house reef just a few steps off the beach and you can dive there as much as you want. For those who wish, it is also possible to book a private diving guide, but this must be done in advance.

Wakatobi offers an experience that is hard to replicate and at a level that almost no other dive resort in the world comes close to. For those of you with special requests for your diving trips, you can report this and the resort will do everything to arrange it for you. When you are here diving, you as a customer are truly number one!

Travel information Wakatobi

  • Time zone: GMT +7
  • Currency: Rupiah but US dollars also work at the resort.
  • Language: Bahasa Indonesian but English is the main language of the resort.
  • Water: Avoid drinking tap water and ice made from tap water on other parts of the islands. The water at the resort runs well.
  • Visa: As a Swedish citizen, you get a visa at the border and it is valid for up to 30 days.
  • Health: Contact your nearest vaccination clinic for advice
  • Pressure chamber: Located in Denpasar. Treatment in chambers is an expensive story so make sure you have insurance that covers this.
  • Country code: +62
  • Electricity: 220 volts with UK socket (3 prong). The resort has several adapters for lending. 
  • Weather: Here there is no time or season that is unsuitable for diving, at Wakatobi you can enjoy diving 365 days a year. The climate is drier than in other parts of Indonesia and the site is quite protected by surrounding reefs and islands. 99% of the year the daytime temperature is 26-30 degrees and the water is at its warmest at the end of October when it is about 30 degrees warm in the upper water layer. The water is at its coldest during the second part of August when the minimum temperature is 26 degrees.
  • Current water temperature and average sea temperature per month
  • Tip: About 10% of the bill is usual.
  • Clothing recommendations: Casual clothing is suitable in all situations. Covering clothing is mandatory when visiting temples.