Yap is one of several islands in the Federated States of Micronesia Pacific and is truly fantastic for diving trips. Warm and pleasant weather makes Yap a perfect destination for diving and snorkeling on your diving trip. The island offers an incredibly cool combination of diving and vacation and makes your trip something very special and it is in season all year round. You can also combine your diving trip with going to palau or the Philippines to dive even more. It adds an extra spice to this diving adventure.

Manta rays and sharks

With almost 100 km of barrier reef, as well as several large channels into the lagoon, there is something here for everyone. Yap is one of the absolute best places in the world to see, experience and dive with manta rays. It is precisely for its large number of manta rays and its clear blue water that Yap has become so loved and talked about as a destination for divers and diving trips. For those who want to see something else, there are also plenty of reef sharks. Gray reef sharks are the most common, but if you're lucky, silky sharks and even whale sharks can also be seen here sometimes. The small beautiful mandarin fish are found here and to the beautiful reef and lots of other fish. Getting to dive with the manta rays here and experience these wonderful UFO-like creatures is the big reason to travel here anyway. While enjoying the luxury of being at the Manta Ray Bay Dive Resort is just a feeling of Wow!

Sometimes it works liveaboard pass by here but it is very sporadic and only occasional special tours. Otherwise you get to Yap by flying via Palau and the easiest way is to get here via the Philippines and Manila. A stop on the way is usually necessary to ensure that your luggage makes it all the way. It's actually quite nice with this stop too. Besides, you get to see something else. Manila is a vibrant metropolis with over 10 million inhabitants. The city is worth a stop because there is a lot to see and if you like shopping it is fantastic.

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Travel Information Yap

  • Time zone: +10 GMT
  • Currency: US dollars. There is only one ATM on the island, so it's a good idea to bring enough cash for the entire stay. You can pay with VISA, MasterCard and American Express at Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers for all purchases and all services.
  • Language English.
  • Water: Drinking water on Yap is clean and safe to drink. The quality of the water is tested regularly to guarantee the safety of drinking it
  • Visa: Not required for trips of less than 30 days, but you need to register for ESTA no later than 72 hours before departure, as Guam is considered a US territory.
  • Health: Contact your local vaccination clinic for advice. There are no tropical diseases and the healthcare system is well developed with a modern hospital.
  • Pressure chamber: There is a pressure chamber located in the hospital. Treatment in chambers is an expensive story so make sure you have insurance that covers this.
  • Country code: +691
  • Electricity: Standard 110 volts and US electrical outlets.
  • Weather: It is near the equator so consequently the climate is tropical. Average temperature in water and air is around 28 degrees. Dry period between December and April. Rainy season between April and December.
  • Current water temperature and average sea temperature per month
  • Clothing recommendations: So-called casual clothing is accepted on the boat and resort. Women should wear a slightly longer skirt or shorts when visiting the local villages.
  • Airport tax: Not applicable