About land-based diving on Yap

  • One of the best places in the world to see Manta rays 
  • A large number of reef sharks, mandarin fish and wonderful macro life
  • Stay at a resort with a focus on diving 

Land-based diving on Yap is somewhat of a world-renowned concept. Yap is a small island in the Micronesian archipelago and is probably one of the world's best places to dive and see the friendly giant and magnificent ex. Around 100 manta rays live here all year round together with reef sharks and also much else including a very interesting macro life. For those who like to see large animals, it is clearly worth going here. Experiencing land-based diving here on Yap is truly amazing. With almost 100 km of barrier reef, as well as several large channels and lagoons, there is something here for all tastes. You can wall dive the outer reefs, stream dive the deep and shallow channels and swim around lagoons enjoying macro life and night diving.

Manta rays in abundance

The highlight for many, however, is the beautiful manta rays. Every morning these giants are seen cruising into the protected channels that lead through the barrier reef. They make their way to their "cleaning stations" where small cleaner fish clean them of parasites while they sweep past you only a few meters away. It is a magnificent sight to observe these creatures up close. Land-based diving in Yap is clearly underrated. Sure the mantas are amazing and that's a safe bet.

Here, however, there is much else to experience on the rich, colorful and soft coral-adorned reefs and walls. Mandarin fish at twilight dives, beautiful and elegant blennies and also quite a few sharks and rays that live here. You can also experience the beautiful and large shoals of tuna, barracuda, sweetlips or bumphead parrotfish that are often seen here. These large parrotfish are particularly active in the early mornings and, like herds of buffalo on land, surge over the reef in search of nibbling coral.

You can easily combine land-based diving on Yap during your diving trip with going to palau where you can stay in a hotel or resort or why not one live board. Two wonderful diving destinations in the Pacific Ocean that offer wonderful diving. You can also combine with for example Filippi Erna which is a natural stop on the way for diving trips to Yap.