About land-based diving in Croatia

  • Dive in the morning and hike in the afternoon
  • Wrecks, ledges, caves, tunnels and reefs
  • Perfect for families

Diving in Croatia first became popular among foreign tourists in late 1996 after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Many divers from neighboring European countries soon realized the wonderfulness of the opportunity to experience land-based diving in Croatia. This was then one of the least explored areas and most accessible seas in Europe. Diving and snorkeling in Croatia and the Adriatic Sea in particular Mediterranean Sea is among the best in Europe!

About the diving

Above the surface, you who dive or snorkel can be pleasantly surprised because sometimes you see dolphins or the occasional flying fish. These animals often jump around the boat during transport to and from the dive sites. The diving conditions in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea are fantastic and some of the dive sites are considered among the best in Croatia. There is a large selection of diving sites here. In general, visibility is good, there is little or no current and usually relatively warm sea temperatures. The most attractive dive sites are probably the wrecks, but there are also dramatic rock formations, caves, reefs, tunnels and swim throughs. Visibility usually varies between 10 and 30 meters depending on the weather and dive site. Sometimes visibility can be even longer, especially during the slightly cooler part of the year.

During the summer months the surface temperature can rise up to 27-28 °C and in winter the temperature is on average around 10-11 °C. Although marine life is more limited in the Mediterranean compared to other world oceans, visibility is much better due to a more even sea temperature. This is especially true during the cold season. It provides very nice opportunities for photographing wrecks and the exciting landscape.

In addition to land-based diving in Croatia, there is also a live board who run diving trips for large parts of the year. For those of you who go in a group, this liveaboard is a perfect way to get a little more variety during your diving trip. It is popular and is often booked long in advance so it is good to plan properly. Many also go to Croatia to sail and it is possible to hire skippers who drive and also arrange diving on these sailboats. A perfect holiday for those who are looking for relaxation and don't dive that much but still want the chance. We also help you with this type of travel.