Egypt is undoubtedly one of the world's best and most popular diving and snorkeling destinations. You can travel here all year round for diving and snorkelling. Liveaboarding is popular but it is easy to dive from land as well. Egypt is close to us in Europe and it is relatively quick and easy to get here. It is easy to understand why many divers like Egypt and The red sea as one of the best dive sites for diving trips. The reefs offer a rich marine life and with both wrecks, dolphins, large fish and sharks. That's why divers keep returning year after year. The Red Sea offers world-class diving in many locations. With only a few hours' travel away for us in Northern Europe, it is a perfect destination for a week's pleasant vacation, relaxation and wonderful diving. Here you can experience shining sun and fascinating tropical diving all year round.

The reefs of the Red Sea are home to an astonishing diversity of marine life and some of the large fish you can encounter here are incredible. Whether you dive or snorkel, you will experience plenty. Out on the outer reefs, you can see the beautiful but sometimes a bit well-behaved oarfin shark, which attracts many photographers. Hammerhead sharks are seen regularly but also whale sharks, thresher sharks, reef sharks and others can sometimes show up. Here in Egypt there are also many fantastic and well-preserved wrecks such as Thistlegorm from the Second World War, a wreck that is on many people's "must-experience" list.

Marine parks

Egypt has many fantastic reefs out in the sea and most of them are today marine parks. You can only get to these outer reefs by going on one of our popular ones liveaboard or diving cruises. It is by far the most popular and best way to experience the amazing diving you can get here in the Red Sea.

Egypt and the Red Sea also offer exciting experiences for those interested in history and culture. Feel free to take advantage of the opportunity to discover the Valley of the Kings in Luxor by combining your diving trip with one or two day trips from Hurghada or why not a guided excursion in the desert.

Egypt is one of our most popular diving travel destinations. The Red Sea never ceases to amaze and many divers return here year after year. With both land-based options and liveaboards there is something here for everyone's taste and budget. Egypt is suitable for divers as well as non-divers or would-be divers. 

Travel information Egypt

  • Time zone: +2 GMT (standard), +3 GMT (buzzer)
  • Currency: Egyptian pound, US dollar or Euro
  • Language: Arabic is the official language and English
  • Water: Avoid drinking tap water and ice made from tap water. Buy bottled water instead.
  • Visa: Maximum 30 days for tourists (usually included in Scuba Travel diving packages).
  • Health: Remember to bring the medicines you might need, e.g. against colds and seasickness or if you have prescription medicine.
    Recommendations: Bifolac or similar (ask at the pharmacy), which helps rebuild a good bacterial culture in the stomach. Immodium or Dimor are good for tourist diarrhea. Headache tablets and nasal spray that do not dry out the mucous membranes. Remember not to drink water from anything other than a bottle with an unbroken cap!
  • Pressure Chamber: There is one in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, El Gouna and Marsa Alam
  • Country code: +20
  • Electricity: 2-pin EU plug with 220 volts.
  • Weather: Egypt is fairly sunny all year round with a hot and dry desert climate with large differences in day and night temperatures.
  • Current water temperature and average sea temperature per month
  • Tipping: 10% is recommended.
  • Clothing recommendations: Casual clothing is suitable in all situations. Covering clothing is mandatory when visiting temples and is recommended as protection from the sun. Remember to wear long trousers and a fleece during the winter months.