About land-based diving in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, (PNG), is a very large country and diving can be experienced in different parts of the country. The diving centers are few, the liveaboards as well, but the diving is extremely good in many places. Other places have felt the forces of nature with volcanic eruptions and strong waves. All diving starts from your diving resort and takes place in the immediate area. One live board provides greater selection but the area covered is nowhere near enough to say you've done and seen PNG. Many visits are needed here as the diving is very different depending on where in the country you are. Land-based diving in Papua New Guinea is at least as good as a liveaboard. You reach most but of course not all places in that particular area that a liveaboard can reach.

Here you can find everything from WWII wrecks, coral walls and amazing reefs. You can do current dives through narrow passages between the islands and glide over sandy bottoms. You will make fantastic day and night dives and with a rich marine diversity that surrounds you all the time.

PNG is known for large animals

PNG is also known for hajar and big fish small epaulet sharks, bamboo sharks and cat sharks to real beasts like whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and much more. There is also the possibility to experience here dolphins, turtles, whales, killer whales and different types of rays. Of course, there are also lots of fish and invertebrates here. The coral reefs are generally healthy and thriving but some places may look broken. This is mainly due to natural causes where winds and the sea have taken their toll on the reefs. However, many sites have huge gorgonians (fan corals), whip corals, black corals and table corals. Large sponges that cover the bottoms and provide hiding places for the very rich marine life.

Day trips by boat and house reef diving will give you amazing experiences no matter which part of the country you choose for your diving trip here to these remote islands. No matter where you dive, chances are good you'll see something you've never seen before.

All pictures with © approval from Papua New Guinea Tourism, Loloata Island Resort, Walindi Plantation Resort, Lissenung Island Resort and Tawali Resort, PNG