Filippi Erna

The Philippines is slightly larger than Sweden and consists of roughly 7600 islands. For those looking for beaches with diving and snorkeling-friendly waters, this is a destination out of the ordinary. The country has long been somewhat overshadowed by other countries in Asia as a destination for tourists. But that is - rightfully so - changing. In addition to fantastic diving, the country also offers magnificent landscapes with terraced plantations, mountains and volcanoes, dense jungle and chalk-white beaches. There are many exciting destinations to choose from and the diving is varied. Depending on which part of the country you visit, you have the opportunity to experience different types of diving.

The people are friendly, the prices are reasonable and the food is good. The food culture develops and becomes more and more international but often with a Filipino touch. The Philippines is culturally different from other countries in Asia through its clear heritage from the time as a Spanish colony. It can be seen, among other things, in buildings, names, religion and in the language. Many speak relatively good or very good English. There are over 100 different languages ​​and even more dialects that can differ greatly between different parts of the country. Tagalog is the common language of the Philippines.

Season and a lot to experience

Here it is in season all year round, but the best diving is normally considered to be the period from October to June when it is not as hot and humid as in the summer. Some shifting of the weather and seasons can happen sometimes. Life below the surface offers beautiful corals and rich marine life. Everything from dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays, colorful small fish, nudibranchs, squid, crustaceans, turtles and several shark species to mention a few. Some parts of the country are severely affected by the strong weather systems and winds that occur. They should or can only be visited during selected parts of the year. Other places are year-round destinations and always offer good diving. 

The different regions vary in culture, language and diving and there are always areas that are good to dive in. The Philippines is a distinct country for land-based diving although it is entirely possible to go on liveaboard also. Some places can only be experienced with liveaboard.

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