Liveaboard in Cocos Island

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A model for Treasure Island is located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Costa Rica. Isla del Coco or Cocos Island is a small green-clad island in the middle of the vastness Pacific. To be able to dive at this amazing location, you have to travel quite a distance. That makes one live board becomes a matter of course to Cocos Island. It takes 30-36 hours to get here from the port city of Puntarenas on Costa Rica's west coast, depending on winds and currents. During your journey to Cocos Island, you can be joined by killer whales, various whales and smaller dolphins. Cocos Island is a spectacular location and offers one of the world's best dive sites to experience and interact with marine life. The island acts as a magnet for large marine life.

During the dives here, which take place along the coast of the island or out in blue water, you can see large shoals of hammerhead sharks. Manta rays, tiger sharks, galapagos sharks, reef sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, sand tiger sharks, rays, stingrays, nurse sharks, thresher sharks, silvertip sharks, Pacific tipnose sharks and many others are also often seen here. Add marine mammals and a rich bird life and you have a fantastic mix to experience on your diving trip here.

Cocos Island = protected marine park

Cocos Island is a protected marine park and it is not allowed to go ashore here. Sometimes, however, short visits to the island are offered together with the marine park's guards. For those who like large animals and concentrate on one place, Cocos Island offers enough diving trips to the world's best diving.

For those of you who also want a few nice days on land in Costa Rica in connection with your diving trip and liveaboard, it is good to combine. You can combine with, for example, days at the coast and dive more or do shore programs. Take the chance to discover the beautiful nature that is here.. Contact us for your wishes, we will make a proposal for that as well.