Who is Peter?

Per is an experienced diver and traveler with a great interest in just this. Very interested in geography and biology. Started diving in the early 90s and has visited more than 80 countries privately and through his job. Per now lives in Batangas in the Philippines where he works as before and has the opportunity to maintain diving and also help others with arranging and organizing good trips. Sometimes he also goes on group trips and assists. Per has worked with diving full-time since 1996 as well as an instructor with his own diving school and with diving trips. Through his job, he has been spoiled to travel and got to see and experience many places in the world.

With his great interest in biology and geography, he combines utility with pleasure, and today Per is probably the most experienced and well-travelled diving tour organizer in Sweden. To date, he has visited around 80 countries and dived in most of them. Per now lives on the island of Luzon a few hours south of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, where he continues to work just as before helping you and others to visit places and hopefully experience what he himself was able to do and more.

After thousands of dives over the years, it is still relaxing and fun to get below the surface and to see new species that he has not seen before is total happiness and the dream is to get a picture of them to immortalize the moment. In addition, the opportunity to spend time meeting people from all over the world and experiencing new countries and places means that benefit and pleasure are combined.

Per works for Scuba Travel as a consultant where he puts together individual trips and group trips as well as various administrative tasks behind the scenes and relieves and provides support to the team in Sweden.


Contact Per

E-Mail:  per@scubatravel.se


Per's completed group trips:

  • Southern Leyte / Romblon, Philippines – Mar/Apr 2023


Per's upcoming group trips:

  • Nothing planned right now, but it's coming!