Who is Bent?

Bent is an experienced diver and traveler with a lifelong and very great interest in animals, plants and ecosystems. Very interested in biology, and combines the interest with being a lecturer in ecology at Umeå University. Bent teaches and does research in a. about tropical ecology, and specifically about symbiosis on coral reefs. Bent is very interested in spreading knowledge about biology in general, and more specifically about the many very strange animals and plants that can be found in the tropics. A special interest is different types of symbioses, where the coral reefs have many excellent examples of how different species, for better or for worse, live together. He started diving in the early 90's and has visited many countries over the years privately, through work and through his mission as a tour guide. Bent is also an experienced nature photographer, who has illustrated many different publications, and has written and illustrated a book on the ecology of coral reefs. Right now he is working on a textbook in ecology. In recent years, Bent has appeared as an expert in more than 100 different television programs, focusing on animals, ecology and biology.

Of course, it is great fun to see a manta ray, a whale shark or any other of the sea's great inhabitants. However, Bent thinks that smaller species, such as the cleaner fish that clean parasites from the manta rays, the pilot fish that swim before the whale shark and are protected by the proximity of the giant, or any other of the many small species with an exciting story behind their existence are even more interesting. It also means that Bent never has a dull dive, as there are always little things to study even on dives where the giants decide to be conspicuous by their absence.

Bent has been diving since 1999 and has worked as a tour guide on diving trips since 2005. Through his great interest in biology, benefit has been able to be combined with fun. Bent has dived in most of the world's warm waters, but currently focuses mostly on Indonesia and the Philippines. On trips with Bent, there will be the opportunity to get help and tips with your photography, to get help in sorting out what you saw during the dive, and to get more coherent information about different aspects in different ways, often shorter and informal lectures of coral reef ecology.

For those who want to know more about Bent and read a bit about his various projects, you can look here: > https://bentmedia.me/

Bent's previous travels

  • Anilao, Philippines in November 2022
  • Southern Leyte, Philippines in October 2023

Bent's upcoming group trips: