Who is Hanna?

Hanna grew up in Jönköping and has been living in Grebbestad, Bohuslän for a few years now. Hooked on diving she did while backpacking in Southeast Asia for the first time in 2016 where she did her OW at Malapascua in the Philippines and ADOW at the Gili Islands. Since then, she has managed several long trips in, among other places, Asia and took her Rescue in Sodwana bay, South Africa.

Visited diving destinations

Hanna has dived in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Hanna's role at Scuba Travel

Hanna has worked at Scuba travel since June 2022 and before that had an internship with us for 6 months before that. Hanna's role is travel advisor mainly to individual customers and some administration.

Contact Hanna

Email:  hanna@scubatravel.se
Phone: +46 31 375 8088