Henrik Almers – owner

Who is Henrik?

Henrik was born and raised in Småland and has always had a great interest in the sea. He learned to dive in 1986 and is a trained marine biologist. In 1996 he opened his first own diving school. During his career, Henrik has owned and operated several diving schools and a distribution company for diving equipment.

Henrik is an entrepreneur through and through. He has founded and run a number of different companies. In addition to being CEO of Scuba Travel, Henrik is also CEO of Exposure Expeditions. The third travel company in the Almers Travel Group, owned by Henrik and Heather Almers, is focused on training trips and goes by the name Invictus Travel and Training AB.

Visited diving destinations

Henrik has traveled around the world more than once. He has visited about 70 countries and dived and/or worked in places such as Sudan, Zanzibar, Australia, Pemba, South Africa, Thailand, Tobago, Maldives, Curacao, North Sulawesi, Azores, Mexico, Bonaire, Malta, Bali, Croatia, Canada, USA, Mozambique, Croatia, Cyprus, Portugal and Egypt.

Henrik's role at Scuba Travel

Henrik founded Scuba Travel in 2004. He is the owner of the company.

Contact Henrik

Email:  info@scubatravel.se