Who is Magnus?

"A basic objective is that the trip should be fun for all participants. Inspiration and information should spice up the experiences with animals and nature that lie ahead. Some want practical diving tips, while others want "hands on" camera coaching. Everyone is welcome from photo geeks and salty divers to sunbathing fellow travelers. The groups are always a mixed audience and of course there is no requirement to be interested in photography to join in."

At Magnus Travels, you have 30 years of experience leading diving trips all over the world with you on the trip. The trip gets an extra spice and with Magnus on site there are opportunities to get more out of your trip. He helps travelers take better photos or video clips, and meets them at their own level of ambition. So you have your own Photo Pro with you, and can ask as much as you want.

Magnus has worked as a professional photographer for decades, and his images are published all over the world. Some works have even graced double pages in National Geographic. Today, he is a driving force behind the two major nature photography projects Wild Wonders of Europe and Wild Wonders of China.

The list of international awards is long and Magnus's most recent books "Papua - among birds of paradise and devil's coats" and "Ett vildare liv" were both named Panda Book of the Year by WWF. He received the award from the hand of King Carl XVI Gustaf. He is most proud of his repeated awards in the prestigious competitions "European Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Magnus has represented Sweden in three WCs and won a silver medal in Mauritius, and he has been a jury member during two world championships. Magnus is a proud member of Naturfotograferna/N.

Added value on Magnus' travels:

  • Magnus pre-trip information so everyone comes prepared
  • Key words for Magnus' travels: fun, exciting and safe
  • 30 years of experience leading diving trips all over the world along for the ride
  • In-depth presentations during the journey
  • Topics such as diving targets, marine biology, diving practice, photo tips for upcoming dives
  • "One-on-one" feedback with a recognized expert for those interested
  • Handpicked travel destinations, seasons and local operators who understand the travel goals
  • On-site maximization in consultation with the dive operators
  • Post-trip feedback from Magnus on destinations and equipment

Travelers' comments

"I can recommend traveling with Magnus to everyone, even those of you who may not be photography enthusiasts with the most advanced photography equipment. Personally, I am "videographer-light" and my GoPro cameras are my best friends. Magnus is not only a fantastic photographer and educational in his briefings and explanations, but makes UV photography interesting even for those of us who don't have it as our main interest. He is also an unusually nice guy to travel with and offers many laughs. I will ride more times with Magnus, guaranteed.” / Johan Welander

Magnus' upcoming group trips

Magnus' previous group trips:

  • Azores – September 2018
  • Expedition Galapagos – November 2018
  • Tiger Beach Bahamas – February 2019
  • Maldives Deep South – March 2019
  • Red Sea – November 2019
  • Best of the Azores – September 2020
  • Tiger Beach Bahamas – February 2022
  • Raja Ampat Indonesia – October 2022
  • Raja Ampat Indonesia – January 2023
  • Malapascua & Dauin, Philippines – November 2023
  • Socorro Mexico – March 2024

For those of you who want to see some pictures that Magnus took, you can look at them here >>>