Who is Moa?

Moa made her first dives in Cyprus as a 12-year-old and fell in love after the first breath. After that, diving quickly took off and at the age of 19, she did her Divemaster training in Malaysia and shortly afterwards also her Instructor course. Moa then spent 5 years in Southeast Asia and worked as an instructor and assistant manager at a diving center in Indonesia. Now she is back on Gothenburg land again but cannot let go of diving.

Visited diving destinations

Moa has visited and dived in the following diving destinations, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Zanzibar and Cyprus.

Moa's role at Scuba Travel

Moa started working at Scuba Travel at the turn of the year 2024 and mainly works with sales.

Contact Moa

Email:  moa@scubatravel.se
Phone: +46 31 375 8084