Monica Holmberg – Diving and travel enthusiast

Who is Monica?

Monica received a diving training in 2004 as a gift and it went hand in hand with her previous interest in animals and nature. Early on, she became hooked on diving and her first diving trip took her to the Philippines. The memories from the first diving trip still remain on the island today. Although she likes diving abroad, diving in Sweden is still something she does often.

Shortly afterwards and a few trainings later, she started a diving school in Stockholm where she stuck around for a full 16 years with the training of several thousand students and clients and many trips. Monica is still passionate about diving and loves to travel with friends and new clients to experience the amazing world below the surface. The Philippines is still one of the big favorites, but places like Egypt, Bonaire, the United States or the islands in the Atlantic attract her as well as many other places. As Monica says…. “there is so much to discover!”

Monica is today a trained IDC Staff instructor and likes to hold courses and train and watch you and others grow as divers. Today she also dives with a sidemount and rebreather but just as easily wears a BCD and a single bottle and just dives for fun!

On the trips she takes, she likes to run courses because it's an excellent opportunity to broaden her experiences. With the simplicity it gets on a boat or in warm seas, it's something we also recommend doing! Take the opportunity to become an Advanced diver or do that depth course you've been thinking about. Train to dive with Nitrox or maybe Sidemount… Are you a family? Do the course together! Monica is ready to help you on any of her trips.

Monica's previous group trips:

  • Maldives Liveaboard October 2021

Monica's upcoming group trips: