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Situated north of Grand Bahamas is Tiger Beach. Known for its clear and calm waters and considered among professional photographers/film makers as the best shark destination in the world. Here you will experience close encounters with tiger, lemon, and reef sharks and if you are lucky even more. 

As if tiger, lemon and reef sharks weren’t enough, this special expedition itinerary will finish with a couple of days at Bimini Island.  A place most famous for its great hammerheads. You will be diving with these beautiful sharks in shallow waters of about 7 meters deeps. These shallow dives with white sand bottom makes a terrific scenery for your photos. Bimini is also famous for encounters with the bull shark and hopefully you will get to see them as well.

There is a special group of Atlantic spotted dolphins living on the edge of the Little Bahama Bank. These dolphins have developed a unique, voluntary bond with us humans. During your trip there is a chance that you will meet this group when you are relocating or during the evening.

Bahamas Travel information

  • Time: -4 GMT
  • Currency: Bahamian and US dollar
  • Language: English
  • Water: Tap water and is made from tap water is consumable.
  • Visa: Not needed for EU citizens
  • Health: Contact your local medical clinic for advice.
  • Recompression chamber: There is a chamber located in Nassau. As treatment is very expensive, be sure to have full dive insurance. 
  • Country code: +1
  • Electricity: Standard 110 volt and US socket.

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