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About Newfoundland

  • Snorkel with icebergs and whales
  • Breathtaking scenery from the ocean to national parks
  • WWII wrecks in pristine condition

From a diver's perspective, the province of Newfoundland is the most interesting area and it includes the island itself and the bustling Labrador on the mainland. Many of the coastal communities started as isolated fishing ports that were only available by boat but they have now grown to larger communities. From the many small harbours, generations of fishermen have gone out to sea to the big reefs surrounding Newfoundland. Fishing waters are known to be rich in cod and dozens of other fish species. The fishing tradition has made a clear impression on the societies and affects the life and culture of the province more than anything else.

Newfoundland was the only part of Canada that was attacked by Germans during World War II - something that left amazing wrecks for divers. There are also many other highlights to experience such as Viking settlements from the 1000s, North America's oldest city, St John, founded in 1497, and which today boasts a street that contains 80 pubs and bars and North America's most eastern point Cape Spear.

About the diving 

  • A spectacular underwater environment that is quite unique
  • Diving among icebergs
  • Snorkel with whales - playful giants of the sea

The mixture of the Labrador Current and Gulf Stream just off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador attracts thousands of whales, provides rich nestling grounds for millions of seabirds, and brings to life a spectacular underwater garden of flora and fauna. Add to this pristine water, massive icebergs, and a shipwreck history dating back over 500 years and you have a world class diving destination!

The diving experience in Newfoundland and Labrador extends from May until November and with each week, new and exciting opportunities unfold. Shipwrecks are numerous and very accessible throughout the season. 

In May and June, massive Greenland icebergs arrive from the north and settle in to various coves and inlets. During the summer months June - August, over 35 million seabirds gather on the rocky shores and several species of whales feed in the nutrient rich waters.

The diving in itself is world class and combined with the natural and cultural history, the experience is exceptional!

About the Icebergs
The best time for Icebergs in Conception Bay is from May to the end of June. From the beauty and majesty of their sheer size, to the heart-wrenching memories of ill-fated ships, nothing evokes such a combination of awe, curiosity and caution quite like an iceberg.

So if you´re looking for icebergs, Newfoundland and Labrador are the greatest iceberg theatres in the world. From the east coast of Labrador to Newfoundland´s southern shore, you are in Iceberg Alley, the only place in the world where you can see two or three story icebergs making their way down the Atlantic Ocean from Greenland.

According to the shape and size of the iceberg, you can go scuba diving on these icebergs. It’s amazing to see the actual size of these beauties.

About the Whales
The best month for the whales is July or August when the capelin are rolling in. The most common of the whales in Conception Bay are the Humpback and Minke whales. These majestic mammals have quite the stature, but are actually just gentle giants who love to frolic. With a rigid inflatable boat you can go where ever they go and get magnificent pictures and video. The dive centre offers a "close encounter" with humpback whales, a snorkeling tour according to the activity of the whales at the time, which is a breathtaking experience.

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