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About the diving on Christmas Island

The diving on Christmas Island is varied and rich in marine life. Here there are dramatic wall dives that feel bottomless and around the island it actually goes down to 4-5000 meters depth. Here are large pelagic fish all year round but also dolphins and sometimes various whales that pass by in the distance. Here you will find coral gardens with hard corals in mixed very good and also not so good condition. Unfortunately, when the autumn storms tear up the swell, some corals are broken, but in general the corals are in very good condition. Some parts feel more like sand bottoms with scattered rock coral blocks that provide wonderful swimthroughs and there are actually also some smaller caves and even an old wreck so a little mixed up.

In addition to sharks that often pass by, mainly reef sharks and silky sharks, you may be lucky enough to see hammerhead shark, blue shark, tiger shark and the huge whale shark that is often seen here around the crab migration. You will also find various species of rays, many turtles and a lot of fish and invertebrates. Basically all diving is done by boat and there are only a few dive operators here so it is good to be out in good time when you want to book. Some dives are conducted where it is quite strong currents and sometimes high waves so you should feel comfortable with this but diving is otherwise not difficult. A fantastic destination with mixed diving and adventure even on land.

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