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About Cocos Island

In the Pacific Ocean about 550 kilometers from the Costa Rican coast lies the island of Cocos, known to many divers. It is a mountainous and truly magically beautiful and green island, formed during a volcanic eruption 2,5 million years ago. The island is characterized by four mountain peaks, of which the highest - Cerro Yglesisas - rises 634 meters above sea level. Cocos has two large bays with white sandy beaches, which make up natural safe havens. Just a bit off the coast there are several small islands - the largest of them is Isla Manuelia.

This islands’ (among divers world-renowned) waters are filled with amazing life, such as white-tailed reef sharks, schools of hammerheads, dolphins, mantas, sting rays, giant morays, sail fish and of course some whale sharks.

The history of Cocos Island is filled with stories about pirates and explorers, and the evidence is everywhere in both Spanish and English ship archives. For four hundred years, sailors and adventurers have carved inscriptions in rocks and rock blocks along the shores of Chatham Bay.

Cocos Island Travel info

  • Time: -6 GMT (standard)
  • Currency: Colon (CRC), but US dollar is also commonly used.
  • Language: Mainly Spanish.
  • Water: Generally, the water is safe to drink, however, when travelling outside the cities/tourist destinations, please be cautious.
  • Visa: Swedish citizens are allowed entry without visa for visits up to 3 months. If you are not a Swedish citizen, please contact your embassy for current entry regulations.
  • Health: Please contact your local vaccination clinic to see what you specifically need.
  • Recompression chamber: Available in San José.
  • Country code: +506
  • Electricity: 120 volt, socket type A and B.
  • Weather: Hot and humid. Generally, during March and December it will rain for a few hours each day.
  • Tipping: Recommended. Ca 10% of the total amount is added to the bill as a service fee, but it is common to leave a tip in addition to this. It is also customary to tip guides, hotel staff etc.

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