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Mediterranean Sea

Shipwrecks, caves, tunnels and reefs characterize the finest diving that the Mediterranean has to offer in both Croatia, and Malta and Gozo. Fantastic wreck diving on WWII shipwrecks and airplanes await the adventurous divers who venture underneath the Mediterranean’s blue waters.

For many, Malta is the wreck diving capial of the Mediterranean. Indeed many purpose-sunk wrecks lie in relatively shallow depths within reach of divers of all abilities. Other deeper wrecks present challenges for technical divers; but Gozo is also home to beautiful caverns and the islands also boast a rich history which offers a fascinating destination for divers and non-divers alike. 

Although Croatia is on the Adriatic Sea, the country itself is often thought of as a Mediterranean one. Croatia was, for many years, a well-kept travel secret, but it is now well-known as one of Europe's richest countries in terms of terrestrial biodiversity, and this story continues beneath the waves where shipwrecks, stunning reef dives and abundant marine life inhabits relatively unexplored caves. 

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