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About Sulawesi

Sulawesi is home to thousands of colourful, rarely seen marine creatures, and historical wrecks. Here you can explore the magnificent coral reefs that protect the white sandy beaches, catching glimpses of a higher concentration of marine life than what you can find on the Great Barrier reef, around Hawaii or even in the Caribbean. 

Known as ”the land of waving coconut palms,” the perimeter of Northern Sulawesi is covered in coconut plantations. Farther into the heart of the North is a mountainous region with live volcanoes and fantastic view points. Between the peaks you will find beautiful lakes, warm water springs, green rice fields and the jungle where you can catch site of monkeys. 

North Sulawesi is one of 32 provinces in Indonesia with the capital being Manado. In close proximity to Manado is Bunaken Marine National Park which is made up of five islands. The area has hundreds of stunning dive sites. On the opposite side of Manado you will find Lembeh Straits, home of muck diving and some of the world's strangest creatures. Dive in the black and white sands, depending on the side of the strait you are diving on, and find hundreds of odd and magical creatues alike. 

The central parts of Sulawesi also have a lot to offer and fantastic diving. The eastern side is most accessible October - June and is normally windy and not available for diving during July - September normally. Here you will find much of the fantastic wildlife that Indonesia is known for but the area is not so famous yet although diving is possible

The west side opposite Borneo has a mix of marine life from Sulawesi and Borneo and has very nice diving all year round although December - February can be really rainy and windy. Here, too, it is not particularly developed for diving yet, but the diving is very good. The central parts of Sulawesi are easiest to reach by plane from Jakarta, but Bali or Manado are also possible.

Sulawesi Travel information

  • Time zone: GMT +7
  • Currency: Rupiah
  • Language: Indonesian is the most common language
  • Water: Avoid drinking tap water and ice made from tap water. Instead, opt for bottled water.
  • Visa: As a Swedish citizen you are eligible to a visa on arrival (along with 61 other nationalities), which is valid for up to 30 days. Please contact us for more information.
  • Health: Please contact your local vaccination clinic to see what you specifically need.
  • Recompression chamber: Available at the hospital in Manado. It is incredibly expensive to have treatment in the chamber, so long safety stops, nitrox and a very comprehensive dive insurance is necessary.
  • Country code: +62
  • Electricity: Most resorts have EU 2-pin sockets with 220 volt.
  • Weather: The climate is hot and tropical with temperatures between 25-32c depending on the season. Diving can be done year round, with the rainy season between November and April*.
  • Tips: A common tip is ca 10% of the total check
  • Clothing recommendations: Everyday clothing is appropriate in most cases. When visiting temples, please make sure to cover your shoulders, and legs to below the knee, preferably using a sarong and sash. Hats and light clothing to protect your skin from the sun is recommended.

* The eastern parts of central Sulawesi have their windy season normally July - September and not very accessible for diving at that time.

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