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The Republic of Palau is the westernmost archipelago of Micronesia and is located about 65 miles north of the equator. Palau’s archipelago consists of 200 islands that spread out on an area of about 200 km, in other words, it is very close between each island. 

Palau has a pleasant climate all year round (about 30 ° C) and is located in an area rarely exposed to typhoons that makes it possible to travel here regardless of the time of year. 

The Republic has a marine border against Indonesia, the Philippines and Micronesia. In all of Palau you will enjoy amazing visibility and some of the world's best dive sites along the 112 km long barrier reef that encloses spectacular coral reefs and a lagoon called “diver's paradise”. Palau is also home to a unique phenomenon called the Rock Islands.

Palau Travel information

  • Time: +9 GMT
  • Currency: US dollar
  • Language: English
  • Water: Avoid tap water and ice made with tap water. 
  • Visa: Not needed for trips under 30 days, ESTA must be registered a minimum of 72 hours prior to departure as Guam is an American territory. 
  • Health: Contact your local vaccination clinic for advice.
  • Recompression Chamber: There is a chamber located at the hospital. Treatment is expensive, so be sure to have full dive insurance that covers you.
  • Country number: +680
  • Electricity: Standard 110 volt and US socket.
  • Climate: Located just 7 degrees north of the equator, the climate is tropical. The average air temperature is 28 degrees celcius and the average water temperature is 29 degrees celcius. Dry season is between December to April. Rainy season is between May and November.
  • Clothing recommendations: Casual clothing is acceptable on the boat and in the resort. Women should wear a skirt or longer shorts to cover the thighs when visiting the local villages.
  • Airport taxes: 20 USD Note: can change without forewarning.

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