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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea or short PNG is a large country and forms the independent eastern part of the huge island of New Guinea just north of Australia. Here you are met by smiles and warm greetings from people who are often shy and may look suspiciously harsh at first but who love when you come and talk to them. This is a country with a million different journeys and the country has a fantastic culture and with over 800 different languages ​​where Pijin English is cohesive. The most common way to travel in the country is locally by car and between the different areas by air. There are almost no roads here that connect this mountainous country and in each valley there is its own village with its own culture and often with its own language.

If you are lucky, you will come here when there are so-called sing-sings, an annual festival where members from each tribe come to exchange experiences and show off. Previously, goods were exchanged. food and even daughters but it is now an increasingly touristy element in PNG but the experience is fantastic and very much alive and authentic and with all the traditional equipment and dances it is very spectacular to experience.
There are a couple of really big festivals that are very popular and it is usually fully booked at accommodation long before.
PNG also offers fantastic diving with an enormous richness of species and the diving varies depending on what time of year you come and to which part of the country you want to go. Mass tourism has not reached here yet and only about 120,000 tourists a year come here yet but it is known that tourism is important and is slowly opening up more and more but otherwise it is a country where time sometimes feels like it has stood still.

The flights here are few and the number of diving centers is very, very limited, but the experience is all the greater. For those of you who have the time and opportunity, this is an absolutely incredible destination, but do not miss to take a few days ashore and see other than diving as a complement to a fantastic trip.

Papua New Guinea Travel information

  • Time: +10 GMT
  • Currency: Papua New Guinean kina
  • Language: English
  • Water: Avoid tap water and ice made with tap water. 
  • Visa: Not required for EU citizens.
  • Health: Contact your local vaccination clinic for advice 
  • Recompression Chamber: There is a chamber located at a main hospital. Treatment is expensive, so be sure to have full dive insurance that covers you.
  • Country number: +675
  • Electricity: Standard 240 volt and Australian socket.
  • Climate: A tropical climate with an average water and air temperature 28 degrees. 
  • Clothing recommendations: Casual clothing is acceptable on the boat and in the resort. Women should wear a skirt or longer shorts to cover the thighs when visiting the local villages.
  • Airport taxes: 7 USD (can change without forewarning)

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