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About the Philippines

  • Combine a liveaboard and a resort stay
  • Island hop to experience varied dive environments
  • Family and non-diver friendly destination
  • The Philippines consists of over 7000 islands, so for those seeking beaches with waters offering amazing diving and snorkeling, this is a destination out of the ordinary. As a tourist destination, the Philippines has long been overshadowed by other countries in Asia, but that is now changing. The country offers magnificent landscapes with terrace cultivations, mountains and volcanoes, dense jungles and chalky, white beaches. There are many exciting destinations to choose from.

    The people are friendly, the prices are pleasant and the food is good. The Philippines differs culturally from other countries in Asia through its distinct heritage from the time of being a Spanish colony - which can be found in buildings, names, religions, and the fact that many speak relatively good English here.

    Combine your trip the way you like; with a liveaboard safari, island hop to dive on differnt islands, or maybe a stop on the way in Hong Kong, or continue onwards to Palau or Yap. The tropical islands of the Philippines offer each guest a taste of paradise.

Philippines Travel info

  • Time: +8 GMT (standard)
  • Currency: Philippine Peso and US Dollar. Most boutiques, restarants and hotels accept the most common credit cards, including American Express.
  • Language: Official languages are English and Tagalog. Ca 70% speak English.
  • Water: Avoid tap water and ice made from tap water. Instead, opt for bottled water.
  • Visa: Maximum 30 days for tourists, visa on arrival (applies to Swedish citizens, if you are not a Swedish citizen, we ask you to please check with your embassy to find out which rules apply) Visa can be extended on spot for additional 29 days.
  • Health: Please contact your local vaccination clinic to see what you specifically need.
  • Recompression chamber: Available in Cebu City and Manila.
  • Country code: +63
  • Electricity: 220 volt. Socket type A, B (and sometimes C).
  • Weather: The climate is tropical with an avarage temperature of 26-28 degrees Celcius. In the mountains, the temperatures can drop down to 6 degrees. The weather is largely controlled by monsunes. The south western monsune brings rain the the western parts of the country during June to September, while the nort eastern monsune brings rain in the east during November to March.
  • Tipping: Recommended. Ca 10% of the total amount is customary.
  • Do not forget to bring your sun protection in the form of a hat with a brim and a shirt to protect your skin. People here dress according to the weather, so light summer clothing is recommended for both men and women. A tip is to bring a sweater or light jacket for cooler evenings. Avoid outfits that are very revealing, and also avoid sunbathing topless.

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