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Raja Ampat safari

Diving from a liveaboard in Raja Ampat, Indonesia is an exhilarating experience. Indonesia is home to 15% of the coral reefs found in the world and has over 4000 recorded fish & invertebrate of varying species - with many more not yet identified. Raja Ampat offers divers great variation and there is plenty to appeal to even the most seasoned diver, from muck diving and the fast paced currents, to the soft corals and colourful fish dives, or discover new sites in off shore islands.

You can see many shark and ray species along the way including white tip, grey reef and wobbegongs, as well as tiny critters and a sheer diversity of fish. S/Y Indo Siren liveaboard cruises through the area allowing you to discover the beauty of this archipelago.

What is included in a liveaboard package?

  • Transfers airport - boat r/t
  • 10 nights in a shared double cabin with ensuite
  • All meals and drinks (not alchohol) onboard
  • 3-4 dives per day with a guide
  • 12L cylinder, weights and weightbelt
  • Free nitrox


1500 virtually untouched islands, the most dense biodiversity on the planet, Wobbegong and Epaulette “walking shark”, wide angle and macro, bird of paradise.

Located off the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula, in the newly named West Papua Province, Raja Ampat represents one of the last outposts of the Indonesian archipelago. This region comprises over 1,500 mostly uninhabited small islands, which surround the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo. An extremely small human presence, minimal industrial development and its geographic isolation have all contributed to this area remaining virtually untouched.

The Raja Ampat Islands hold the world record for the highest number of different species found in a single dive: 284 marine species were recorded by Dr. Gerry Allen at Kofiau Island in one single dive! 64% (505) of all the world’s known coral species have been found in the waters at Raja Ampat! 75% of the world's total species of scleractinian (hard) corals cover Raja Ampat sea beds!

Views in Raja Ampat can range from a vista of breathtaking karsts (unique geological formations on which new species have been known to evolve in response to the distinct features of their environment) emerging from an emerald sea, pristine beaches or the sighting of a war wreck adorned by a healthy covering of coral looming out of a deep blue punctuated by schools of fish circling above a colourful reef.

Very few places can compete with Raja Ampat’s unparalleled and untouched marine environments: underwater caves, mangroves, rainforest fjords inhabited by the most extraordinary and varied underwater life. Also, as Raja Ampat is supported by currents extremely rich in plankton, huge schools of fish and shoals of pelagics are a regular sight. Fans of macro and strange creatures are sure to get their fill as well with the sight of many oddballs, big and small, awaiting them on every dive. The coral reefs in Raja Ampat are renowned for being home not only to the incredible looking Wobbegong shark but also to the amazing epaulette "walking" shark, which can ideally be observed hunting during a night dive.

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