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About South Africa

  • Discover the wonder of the Sardine Run during june and july
  • Sharks - Great white shark, tigershark, makoshark, dusky shark, hammerhead shark, copper shark.....
  • Combine your dive vacation with a landprogram

South Africa is a fantastic country and a wonderful destination because it has so much to offer. Everything from exciting diving and encounters with different sharks, wineries where you can enjoy good wines, kite surfing in Cape Town to safaris and tropical reefs. Thus, there is every opportunity to combine a trip that suits your wishes. Different types of diving depending on what part of this great country you are diving in. Great experiences such as White shark diving, blue shark diving in the high seas, tiger sharks and sand tiger sharks on the east coast and then one of the world's largest spectacle of sardine running for those seeking action and tempo. South Africa has plenty to offer both on land and under the surface.

From the apartheid to the country’s rebirth in the mid-90s, South Africa has bounced back and is now a vibrant, sought after country to visit. Home to the Big Five and seven World Heritage Sites, South Africa’s wildlife reserves lead the world in conservation and protection of landscapes and ecosystems, offering you unforgettable experiences. South Africa gives you unique opportunities to create your dream trip!

Travel information about South Africa

  • Time zone: GMT +2
  • Currency: South African Rand
  • Language: There are 11 national languages in South Africa, were English is one of them.
  • Water: Avoid drinking tap water and ice made from tap water. Instead, opt for bottled water.
  • Visa: Not needed for adult EU citizens. Special requirements are necessary for children under the age of 18.
  • Health: Please contact your local vaccination clinic to see what you specifically need.
  • Recompression chamber: Available in several hospitals around South Africa
  • Country code: +27
  • Electricity: 220 volt. South African plug needing a special adaptor.
  • Weather: Cape Town – the southwest corner of South Africa, has a mediterranean climate with a lot of sun. The southeast coast is the most damp one in the country and has a subtropical climate.
  • Tips: A common tip is ca 10% of the total check. In South Africa it is custom to tip guides, waiting staff, parking guards and other service persons. There is an expectation to receive a tip, but how much you give is up to you.
  • Clothing recommendations: This is dependent on where you are and when you visit. Everyday clothing is always appropriate. Hats and light clothing to protect your skin from the sun is recommended.

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