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Tobago is truly a haven for those looking for a relaxed holiday. The warm waters that splash upon the sands of the secluded beaches provide a perfect and complete relaxation. For nature lovers, it may be interesting to know that Tobago has the oldest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere, and for the diver there are sprawling coral reefs with a colorful marble of marine life.

The diving in Tobago is famous for the wonderful coral reefs and the exciting current dives. The Guyana stream, which runs along the island's Atlantic coast, gives rise to the Caribbean's most fierce current dives. The current attracts a large variety of exciting marine species, including sharks and sting rays.

In contrast to this wild coast, there is the calmer Caribbean coast. Here, nutritious water flows from the Orinoco River, giving a breathtaking marine life. Protected reefs of soft and hard corals, colorful fungi and a rich fish life make the dives unforgettable - no matter your dive level. Here is also Tobago's finest wreck, Maverick, a former car ferry that rests on a 30m depth.

Tobago Travel information

  • Time: -4 GMT
  • Currency: Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TT$) and US dollar
  • Language: English
  • Water: Tap water and ice are safe to consume, but bottled water is available for purchase.
  • Visa: Not required for EU citizens
  • Health: Contact your local medical clinic for advice.
  • Recompression chamber: There is a chamber located in the Roxborough Medical Clinic. Be sure to have dive insurance that protects you during your holiday.
  • Country code: +1
  • Electricity: Standard 110 volt and US socket.

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