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About Truk Lagoon (Chuuk)

The Pacific Ocean is a dream destination for many divers. The name alone gives us fantasies about endless days of sunshine and the blue horizon that infinitely stretches along the ocean. But it is not just the Pacific Ocean life that attracts us to this destination. Paradise is mainly below the surface, where an incredibly beautiful world is hiding.

Truk Lagoon is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is a mythical lagoon and a paradise for wreck divers, with over 60 shipwrecks and 250 aircraft resting on the bottom here. Chuuk - formerly called Truk or Truk Lagoon is one of four states that together constitute the federal state of Micronesia.

Photo credit: Dive Team Lysekil

Truk Lagoon Travel info

  • Time: GMT +10 (standard)
  • Currency: US Dollar, though major credit cards are widely accepted.
  • Language: English.
  • Visa: Not required for stays shorter than 30 days.
  • Health: Please contact your local vaccination clinic to see what you specifically need. There are no tropical diseases and health care is readily available. Each of the FSM states has a modern major hospital.
  • Recompression chamber: There is a privately owned modern recompression chamber on the island situated approximately 45 mins drive from the hospital. However there is no scuba diving physician here, so all diagnoses have to be made over the phone with a very experienced Australian physician. Once he makes a diagnosis, the team at the chamber carries out the treatment. Treatment is expensive and we strongly recommend all divers have specific diving insurance.
  • Country code: +691
  • Electricity: Standard 110 volt and US type outlets are used.
  • Weather: Located just 7 degrees north of the equator, the climate is tropical. The average air temperature is 28 degrees celcius and the average water temperature is 29 degrees celcius. Dry season is between December and April. Rainy season is between April and December.
  • Clothing recommendations: Casual clothing is acceptable on the boat and in the resort. Women should wear a skirt or longer shorts to cover the thighs when visiting the local villages.

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