Diving trip to Croatia with WeDive September 14, 2024

A wonderful diving trip to Croatia in September 2024 together with WeDive. Regardless of whether whole or part of families dive, this is a trip that everyone can go on. Croatia has a lot to offer both below and above the surface. – 2 places left

Holidays in the Maldives with liveaboard at the end of November 2024. Experience tropical fish to suckers such as whale sharks and manta rays, various sharks, eagle rays and swordfish. MV Leo takes you on the Best of Maldives tour. Add sun, sea and paradisiacal beaches.

Malmö Diving School

Malmö diving school takes you on a wonderful adventure to the Philippines and one of the country's most famous diving spots, Puerto Galera.

With Stockholm's Dykservice

Join a liveaboard to glorious Egypt and the Red Sea for a week of diving in the northern parts with exciting wrecks and amazing reefs. Good opportunities to see big fish. A week on the Sea Serpent Contessa and the popular North and Brothers route. You will experience much of the best of the northern Red Sea.

With Flying Divers from SEK 39

Go with Flying Divers on a wonderful trip to the wonderful Philippines in March 2025 and experience two completely different parts of the island of Negros. A nice combination with Sipalay and Dauin with varied diving, nice beaches and a piece of real paradise. Fantastic macro diving and wonderful coral reefs combined with relaxation, sun and warmth.

Oslofjord Diving Center

Join Oslofjord's diving center to beautiful coral reefs in eastern Indonesia. The islands of Raja Ampat are surrounded by an abundance of marine life. There are more fish and coral species here than anywhere else on earth. A destination that all divers should have on their bucket list.

Kalmar Diving Center

Kalmar Dykcenter or RIB diving goes to the Philippines over Christmas and New Year. Join us for a wonderful experience with two completely different locations. Southern Leyte and Bohol are two wonderful places for diving trips.

From 26 excl. flight

A very special trip to the Shetland Islands in Scotland offers wreck diving that is very exciting and varied. Perfect for groups and you will experience the exciting history of the North Sea

Flying Divers from SEK 21

Experience the freedom of diving directly from land in the Red Sea at Marsa Nakari together with Flying Divers in Gothenburg. Diving trip to the Red Sea with accommodation at a diving camp

Experience the wonderful Philippines in October 2024 with Malapascua and Dauin together with Oslofjorden Dykkesenter. Experience diving with thresher sharks, fantastic macro diving and wonderful coral reefs combined with relaxation, sun and warmth.

With Oxygene from SEK 35

A trip to the lovely little island of Bonaire. Nowhere else is diving so easily accessible. Join Oxygene to this lovely little island in the southern Caribbean. Perhaps the Caribbean's best and most comfortable diving.