Diving in Indonesia
Diving in Indonesia is vast and extremely varied. The Republic of Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia. The country consists of over 16 islands. The islands are spread over 000 time zones (only 4 time zones are used in the country though). The islands are of varying size but some are among the largest islands in the world and most populated. Others are barely fully discovered and more sparsely populated. The climate is tropical, which means it is hot and humid. Diving in Indonesia is growing every year thanks to incredibly good and species-rich diving, the wonderful climate and the possibilities for good holidays.
Indonesia has roughly tropical climate everywhere and the weather is pretty much the same all year round. Due to its location on the equator, it is rarely exposed to storms and hurricanes, so you can go to Indonesia all year round. Depending on where and when in the country you are, the weather can be totally different in different parts. However, a simple rule of thumb is that it rains most from mid-December to mid-March. The warmest and least windy period is normally April – November. There are parts of Indonesia that are the exception to this and have almost reverse season. Expect rain showers to occur all year round no matter where you are. However, it mainly rains in the afternoons, evenings and nights. The average annual temperature is around 27-30 degrees all year round.
Best time to go
Indonesia has season all year round! However, it all depends on which part of the country you want to experience and what is available, but the country is so big that you can always go here for good diving. Most places are normally very good all year round.
Animals and nature
Indonesia is known for its amazing underwater world. The Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean meet here. The currents bring nutrient-rich water from the depths, making this part of the world the most species-rich area in the world. We have all the know-how and experience of what is needed to be able to offer you diving and diving trips that have no equal anywhere else. Manta rays, whale sharks, macro, strange squids, nudibranchs, whales, mola mola and much more can be found here.
Our resorts with diving in Indonesia
We have chosen to focus on the following areas in Indonesia for diving and we book resorts, hotels and liveaboards as well as all the transfers you need.
Bali - best known for regular tourism but which has absolutely fantastic diving and if you like nudists and macro, it's extremely good. But here there is also the opportunity to dive with manta rays and mola mola or lumpfish parts of the year and much, much more.
Raja Ampat, the world's most talked about area in West Papua that offers incredibly good and varied diving from both resort and liveaboard. Here you will also find Misool and Triton Bay which is less known but with fantastic diving.

Sulawesi with everything from reef, muck and wall diving and encounters with large animals at several places on the island around Manado. In South Sulawesi you will also find one of the world's best diving resorts, Wakatobi with the option of accommodation at a resort or liveaboard.
Komodo and Alor offers diving in flowing water and here you will find perhaps the world's most beautiful coral reef. Resorts and liveaboard.
The Moluccas including Halamhera and Ambon in the Banda Sea is a wonderful mix of Raja Ampat, Sulawesi and Komodo. You will find extremely good diving with both big and small here. Some liveaboarders in the area regularly see hammerhead sharks and many other large fish.
Even the Indonesian part of Borneo, Kalimantan, offers good diving out at Maratua and Derawan atolls. Exciting wall diving and plenty of big fish and big shoals, but macro is also here.
Don't miss out on experiencing Indonesia on land as well.
In all these areas, the nature is also fantastic. You can combine diving with bird watching, visits to villages and markets, jungle trekking and visiting wonderful beaches. Don't miss out on shore excursions and meet lovely people and experience fantastic food.
We also offer services such as office machines, fire protection work, car handling (tire change, service and inspection, car wash, etc.). liveaboard through the Banda Sea. Fantastic transition trips that run in spring and autumn when most liveaboards move between Komodo and Raja Ampat. Contact us for these next to ultimate liveaboard tours and book early, they often fill up quickly, maybe even a year in advance.
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Select Southeast Asia or more specifically the area of ​​Indonesia you want to experience diving in. There are so many opportunities for diving trips here that we have to break it down and you also have the opportunity to go back and experience new things again and again.BaliSulawesi with LembehGangaBangkaTomotics and bunakenRaja Ampat with Triton Bay and MisoolThe Moluccas with Halmahera and AmbonWakatobi (we have chosen to put it separately), Borneo with Maratua Atoll and Komodo and Alor
Liveaboard and diving in Indonesia

If you want to focus on your diving, we highly recommend choosing one of them all liveaboards which can be found here. Then you usually dive at least two or three times a day and also live on board the boat. You can hardly get a more ultimate diving trip in Indonesia and you will get to the best places that cannot be reached from land. Click on the tab and you can read more about our options. Of course, you can combine your diving with liveaboard with a week or any number of days at a hotel or diving resort. Contact us with your wishes on tel: 0301-22100 – Departures

Diving in Indonesia
Indonesia can probably be considered the world's best diving destination. No other country has such an enormous range of good diving and of such a high class. The species richness is enormous and there are several types of diving here. Macro diving is magically good and few places have such a wide variety of unique animals as Indonesia. You can dive along walls that plunge straight into the depths and you can experience diving along fantastic reefs or coral gardens. Here you can go stream diving or why not night dive and take pictures of and look at strange fish and invertebrates. Frogfish or colorful nudibranchs, endemic sharks. Everything for your diving trip is here, from tiny amphipods to the world's largest fish, the whale shark.
Great species richness
The area offers a lot to choose from. You often see different species of shark and rays. Turtles and large shoals of fish are also common. The corals are numerous and magnificent due to the nutrient-rich water. You will easily be a little spoiled with the diving here - For those who like macro diving and photography, you have a real paradise in Indonesia, but here you can also dive with, see and experience, manta rays, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, mola-mola or lumpfish, various species of whales. Everything from dolphins, pilot whales to killer whales and blue whales can be found here in Indonesia.
You who don't dive
As you have already understood, there is a lot to do here besides diving. Indonesia has everything you could wish for whether you are a diver or not. Here you will find everything from fantastic nature with spectacular geological formations in the form of caves and waterfalls, to a rich local cultural life, historic buildings and fun and exciting shopping.
Diving in warm water

The temperature in the water is 24-30 degrees and therefore no more than a thin wetsuit is needed. Even if it feels comfortable in the water, we recommend that you wear a suit, because it can easily get cold if you do more than one dive per day. Another reason to have a suit is to protect you from the sun and any drifting particles from hydroids that may occur. Do not hesitate to contact us directly here or by phone: 0301-221 00

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