Diving in Saudi Arabia

Diving in Saudi Arabia and a liveaboard diving trip to the eastern part of the Red Sea is now possible again and from 2024 we will offer diving trips to Saudi. Saudi Arabia and diving may not be the obvious destination for diving trips and holidays, but the fact is that the diving in Saudi is absolutely outstanding. You can travel here all year round and depending on when you go, different places are offered along the coast in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is the starting point and then you have a transfer south or north depending on the time of year. 

Top diving on almost untouched coral reefs within a few hours 

For divers, Saudi Arabia is a very exciting destination and the diving is very spectacular. The Red Sea generally offers world-class diving and it's not that far away. The time difference is not that great, so a trip of just over a week is easy. Saudi Arabia is perfect if you want to experience diving in tropical waters with vibrant, colorful and healthy corals and lots of large fish and marine life.


You can choose between two different areas at the moment to dive in Saudi Arabia with liveaboard. Yanbu in the north and Farasan banks in the south (Not to be confused with Farasan Island). You live on one of our liveaboards, all of which are of a high standard and we have several alternative boats. No matter which one you go with, you will enjoy great service and great diving. Perhaps this is the Red Sea's best diving.


To go on a diving trip to Saudi Arabia and one of our liveaboards, you first need to fly to Jeddah. Here you will stay one night before the transfer to your liveaboard departs. We choose a hotel close to the airport taking flight times into account to make it as convenient as possible. The same applies before the journey home. You get off your liveaboard after your diving week and then you have a day and night at the same hotel as when you arrived.

Flight at night

Many people wonder about the flight times to and from the Middle East. It depends on several factors. The flight characteristics are not ideal in high temperatures and therefore in Saudi Arabia, just like most countries in the Middle East, arrivals are almost always late evenings or nights and departures are early mornings. Longer take-off and landing distances are also required when it is hot, which consumes more fuel. Keep in mind that no one wants to work out on the air pad in high temperatures either, so you have to adapt to what many find uncomfortable, but it's about safety, money and offering tolerable working conditions as flights often land and take off in the dark.

Liveaboard diving in Saudi Arabia

You can advantageously book a liveaboard in Saudi Arabia. Go to the liveaboard tab on our website and then select the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia, and you can read more about the different options and boats we offer. On request, we can also offer you to extend your diving trip and live board and stay a few days on land.


We have departures to the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia every week, but please book well in advance if it is a special week you want to go. In particular, our liveaboards have limited places

Red Sea, diving and snorkeling

The Red Sea and Saudi Arabia offer fantastic diving with lots of different sharks, turtles, dolphins and sometimes you can see dugongs, which are a relative of the manatee. In the Red Sea and Saudi you also have wonderful corals and spectacular wall diving as well as individual wrecks. 

Diving in Saudi Arabia
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