Diving trip Raja Ampat with Oslofjorden Dykkesenter in November 2025

Diving trip to beautiful Raja Ampat with Oslofjorden Dykkesenter. Follow Oslofjord Diving Center on a diving trip to Raja Ampat with pristine coral gardens in eastern Indonesia. Raja Ampat is an archipelago of over a thousand coral islands and limestone cliffs surrounded by an abundance of marine life. There are more fish and coral species here than anywhere else on earth. A destination that all divers should have on their bucket list.

We dive at legendary grooming stations frequented by manta rays. Discover wobbegongs or carpet sharks lurking under overhangs and at night we may see a type of shark that "walks forward" over the coral reef. Four million hectares of Raja Ampat's coastal and marine area has become Indonesia's first shark and manta sanctuary as the population has realized that big game are worth more alive than fished.

The dive sites are varied with unique macroenvironments. Here there are mandarin fish, pygmy seahorses and symbiotic conditions that alternate with dynamic dive sites where sweetlips, horse mackerel, barracudas and leatherbacks crowd in shoals along crackling coral walls. In the central parts are reefs with soft corals that seem to have been taken directly from fantasy depictions. And there are more environments such as mangroves in blue water, calm coral lagoons, action-packed underwater mountains and photogenic cave openings.

Your accommodation – You live at a lovely but simple resort on Waigeo Island and here, in addition to two boat dives per day, you also have unlimited diving from land during the day. Full board is included during your stay at the resort and you live on a truly beautiful beach with a view over the sea. All rooms have their own shower and toilet. Here you enjoy being away from everything, close to nature and of course fantastic diving. On the last night, you will stay at a hotel in Sorong to catch the early morning flight back to Jakarta on the last day. Possibly depending on your flight times, there will also be a night in Jakarta on the journey to Raja Ampat.



NOVEMBER 11, 2025

NOVEMBER 24, 2025








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About the diving 

The dive center has several boats and offers diving over a large area to give you the greatest possible variety. The diving center offers equipment to rent but book well in advance as sizes are limited. It is not always possible to obtain equipment so quickly. Here you have a large, spacious camera room and a very skilled and service-oriented staff. Normally you dive two dives after breakfast and then you are back for a relaxing and nourishing lunch. Then you can go on your third dive of the day after you have digested your food and rested for a while.

The waters of West Papua are among the most species-rich in the world and offer stunning coral gardens, walls, current dives, with loads of fish and invertebrates to experience.

In order to participate in this trip, we strongly recommend that you have at least 30 logged dives and at least be certified as Advanced Open Water or equivalent. It is for your own sake and for you to get as much as possible out of the trip. The diving can vary from calm dives to dives with strong currents. If you or the dive leader feel that you do not have the ability to cope with strong currents, you will be asked to stand over those dives to increase safety. 

Itinerary day by day

Day 1

You leave Scandinavia and fly to Jakarta in Indonesia. 

Day 2

You land in Jakarta and here it's immigration and take out luggage and then check in again to go to New Guinea at midnight a few hours later. 

Day 3

You will land in the morning in New Guinea and at Sorong Airport you will be measured and transferred to the ferry for transport to Waisai Port on Waigeo Island. Then a short distance to your resort. You will be given an overview of what will happen in the coming days, and you will be able to show your diving certificates and the like and fill in papers stating that you are fit for diving. 

Day 3 – 12

Diving! You are out doing two dives a day in different parts of the archipelago and experiencing the fantastic reefs and marine life. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the resort are included. Maybe one day there will be a light lunch in the dive boat or on some small island in the middle of nowhere, but it depends on the conditions. There is time for relaxation between dives but you may want to dive more and then the house reef is available during the day for unlimited diving. The first day – the day of arrival, probably no boat dives will be scheduled, but check up dives on the house reef are usually scheduled, provided there have been no delays.

Day 13

On the last day on site, no diving is included as it is time to vent nitrogen. Perhaps a morning trek out into the jungle can be managed and an early attempt to see birds of paradise or other land activity can be made if time allows. You check out of the resort and then there is a transfer to the ferry and journey to Sorong to check into a hotel there for the night as the flight leaves again early the next morning.

Day 14

Today you check out of the hotel early in the morning and then there is a transfer to the airport for a further flight to Jakarta and from there it is a further flight home to Scandinavia or for those of you who have chosen to continue the adventure go somewhere else. For those of you who wish to extend your trip in Indonesia or have a stopover on the way home or on the way there, please contact us and we will be happy to help. NOTE that this must be done before we issue flight tickets.

please note

Our solid program is only a preliminary plan that is influenced based on the external conditions that the weather gods reward us with. This means that we may have to move activities and dive sites to other days and also replace planned activities with alternatives if required. Your expedition leader is there to make sure you get the most out of your particular trip.