Unique Diving trip Bikini or Bikini Atoll. The Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean in June-July 2025. Experience wrecks, reefs and sharks.
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Unique diving trip to Bikini or Bikini Atoll summer 2025. Take the chance to experience how life has come back in the marine world and join us as Deep Sea Production documents the reefs in the Pacific Ocean in a completely unique film project.
In 2025, the world's largest underwater film format will be produced by the Swedish production company Deep Sea Production, which will result in an IMAX film. 
Deep sea production is known for productions such as:
The universe of fishes, Empty sea, The secret life of the seal, Photographer seeks Walross (Chaising Walrus) and Power over the sea and more.

 Right now, among other things, 3 productions are being filmed that will premiere between 2025 and 2030 where environmental impact and marine intelligence will be two main themes. In addition to the Bikini Atoll, there are therefore ongoing projects and trips to South Africa, Raja Ampat where we at Scuba Travel are involved and contribute in different ways as well.

In connection with the production at Bikini Atoll, we have chartered a liveaboard where you have the opportunity to come along. The number of places is limited to 6 people and it is a trip that will never be repeated on this scale. In addition to the filming team, there will be researchers on board, which means that you will be able to learn more than ever about everything to do with the marine life in the area. Normally the focus of this destination is wrecks which will be dived on this trip as well but some modification of the dive trip is made to also document the recovery of marine life from the 1940s-50s blasts here.

During this very unique trip, we will, among other things, do:

5-6 days wreck diving.
1-2 days diving on shark pass.
2-3 days diving on the coral reefs. 

This is a "once in a life time" trip that doesn't suit everyone, but if it suits you, take the chance! The requirements for going to Bikini Atoll on a liveaboard are often very high and require several different technical trainings. This trip we have negotiated a unique chance where you who can show at least 200 logged dives, preferably more, and have a minimum of PADI Advanced Open Water, preferably Rescue go on which is completely unique. 

Experience - Join us on a unique one Diving trip to Bikini or the Bikini Atoll located in the remote Republic of the Marshall Islands near Micronesia. This is one of the most famous and spectacular places in the world for wreck diving. After World War II, the United States assembled a defunct and worn-out fleet in order to test the effects of various atomic bombs on warships. Between 1946 and 1958, the United States tested 67 atomic bombs on Bikini Atoll. Above all during "Operation Crossroads". Nowhere else can you dive on such an amazing collection of wrecks, including battleships, submarines, destroyers and most notably the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga.

Wreck diving in world class - On the trip, you will dive and experience many of the wrecks that are buried here in Bikini. Read more about the wrecks here. A diving trip with wreck diving probably cannot be made much better and more exciting. Take the chance to go on this very special trip to the Marshall Islands. Few have had the opportunity to dive here and in addition to the wrecks, there are also plenty of corals and large fish here. For you are trained for deeper dives and with good experience, it is perhaps the world's most sought-after liveaboard trip.

Your accommodation – On board the Pacific Master you live comfortably and of course have full board during your entire stay on board. On the way to the liveaboard you will need some overnight stays to match your flights and also on the journey home you will have a night in Hawaii, Honolulu. You can read more about your accommodation and stay on board Pacific Master here. 



27 JUN 2025

22 JUL 2025






from SEK 148

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Bikini Atoll

Almost 75 years after Operation Crossroads, the nuclear ghost fleet (as these wrecks are called) rests in crystal blue waters that have since become home to a rich marine life with thriving reefs and corals. Bikini Toll has only been open for diving since 1996 - making this destination a unique combination of spectacular historic wrecks in a remote and otherwise untouched tropical paradise.

As the wrecks in Bikini lie at depths that exceed recognized recreational depths without decompression limits, they are only suitable for those who are trained for greater depths. There will be 2 technical dives scheduled on each full dive day, allowing for up to 13 dives in total on this 10-night liveaboard and dive trip. You, the diver, are responsible for planning your dives yourself, with the help of the cruise leader who has already dived many times on the wrecks in Bikini.

For safety, the minimum surface interval between dives is 4 hours and it is mandatory to take an afternoon off from diving in the middle of the trip. An optional shore excursion to Bikini Island and em BBQ on the beach will be offered instead of diving on this day.

The travel time between Ebeye Island and Bikini Atoll is 23-34 hours depending on the conditions. On some trips it may be possible to dive the Prinz Eugen wreck near Kwajalein or the aircraft graveyard before sailing overnight to Bikini Atoll.

Itinerary – Day by day

Day 1
You leave Scandinavia and fly to Honolulu in Hawaii.

Day 2
After a night at the hotel, it's time to fly to Kwajalein where you will arrive the next day

Day 3-4
Ferry to the neighboring island of Ebeye and stay there until the liveaboard departs.

Day 5-15
11 days and 10 nights accommodation on board the Pacific Master. The journey to Bikini Atoll normally takes 23-24 hours. Full board included on board
and it is planned for a total of 13 dives during the trip. One day is no diving due to the exposure and great depths. Then there will be a visit to land
and barbeque on some beach. 

Day 15
You will return to Ebeye and Kwajalein and it is time to fly back to Hawaii and Honolulu.

Day 16
After a night in Honolulu, it's time to fly back home. Depending on the airline, route and schedule, you will be home the next day or the day after

Day 17 or 18
Back in Scandinavia.

Please note!
Our program is only a preliminary plan that is influenced based on the external conditions that the weather gods reward us with, possible flight changes or other external circumstances. This means that we may have to move activities and dive sites to other days and also replace planned activities with alternatives if required. We ask you to be flexible.