Diving trip Komodo with Bent Christensen. Diving and kites, macro and manta rays.
02-14 March 2025 – maximum 14 places

Diving trip to world heritage listed Komodo with Bent Christensen. Pictures and videos from Komodo can give you an idea of ​​what awaits you in this absolutely amazing archipelago in Indonesia. Once you get here, the feeling of experiencing Komodo on the spot is very special. Here you dive with manta rays, eagle rays, sharks, tuna, sometimes even whales and whale sharks. Here there is a fabulous macro life with different sizes and species of seahorses, octopus, strange ghost pipefish, frogfish, different kinds of crustaceans, a lot of smaller species of blennies and gobies and lots of beautiful nudibranchs.

It is very difficult if not impossible to describe in words what a diving trip is Komodo offers a ride with Bent Christensen on a wonderful diving trip that combines both liveaboard and accommodation at a resort. You also get a night on the road in beautiful Bali and for those of you who want to build on with extra days here, that is of course also fine.

Learn more about UV photography and marine ecology - You and 13 other people have the opportunity to go on this really special diving trip to Komodo. You will get UV photo tips and ideas while having the unique opportunity to learn more about the amazing underwater world of mariecologist Bent Christensen. The marine life in Indonesia and Komodo is extremely rich, as are large parts of the rest of Indonesia, but if you have other questions and thoughts, please bring them up as well. Few can offer as much knowledge about the interaction in nature as Bent.

Your accommodation – Before you get to Komodo and Flores, you will have an overnight stay in Bali. We have chosen a good hotel near the airport. Once in place on Flores, you have another hotel night near the airport and the harbor to then start your diving. The liveaboard KLM Eliya is a brand new liveaboard with space for a maximum of 14 diving guests on board. The boat is brand new and will have only been in use for a year when we get there. The liveaboard offers diving and full board, and here you can enjoy the days both below and above the surface. In addition to diving, you will of course do beach diving and have the opportunity to see Komodo's famous "dragons" the Komodo dragons up close. These, the dinosaurs of our time, are amazing animals that are only found here on a few islands and are a real experience.

After your liveaboard you then have four nights at the Scuba Junkie resort and this includes 9 dives in total and full board. The rooms have AC and the diving will be in slightly different locations in the northern parts of the Komodo Archipelago so you will see something different. 

Our ambassador Bent Christensen - Bent is an experienced diver and traveler with a lifelong and very keen interest in animals, plants and ecosystems. Very interested in biology and combines the interest with being a lecturer at Umeå University.



March 02 2025

March 14 2025








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About Komodo

Komodo is a biodiversity in a land of contrasts. Here you can expect encounters with graceful pelagic species such as manta rays, eagle rays, sharks, tuna and whales. There is also a lot of macro to watch here, such as different types of seahorses, ghost pipe fish, frogfish, nudibranchs and blue-ringed octopus to name a few. In Komodo's waters, nutrient-rich temperate ocean currents contribute to an amazing diversity of species. You dive on iridescent shallow reefs and on steep walls patrolled by fish from the top of the food chain.

Komodo is a truly unique area located in Nusa Tenggara province. The area offers a wide range of incredible current diving, unspoiled coral reefs with soft and hard corals, as well as fascinating little creatures that have the ability to camouflage themselves to blend in with their surroundings.

Komodo has been classified as a World Heritage Site and a 'UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve', which becomes apparent once you are there. The dive sites here are incredibly addictive!

Here at Komodo, you can also meet the awe-inspiring Komodo Dragon. It is not for nothing that Komodo is also called the "kingdom of dragons". The Komodo dragon can be over 3 meters long and weigh as much as a fully grown man. This is an encounter that gives at least as much tingle in the stomach as meeting a bull shark under the surface! 

Itinerary day by day

Day 1
You leave Scandinavia to fly to Denpasar Bali and arrive the following day where you will stay one night in a hotel.

Day 2
On arrival you have a transfer to the hotel where you stay one night and then fly on to the island of Flores the next day.

Day 3
After breakfast you have a transfer to the airport and then a short flight of just over an hour to Flores and Labuan Bajo. Here we meet and have a transfer to the hotel for another night.
In the afternoon we suggest you relax at the hotel and enjoy the pool or for those of you who can't help but take the opportunity, maybe take a trip to some of the caves or waterfalls that are not too far away.

Day 4
After breakfast we check out of the hotel in Labuan Bajo and make our way to our liveaboard Eliya which will be our home for the next 5 nights

Day 4 – 9
Diving days and liveaboard with full board. These days you will enjoy on board and dive and experience wild Komodo with its flowing water, amazing manta rays, beautiful life and exciting macro diving. One of the days you will go ashore on the island of Rinca to get close to the big dragons.

Day 9
The boat comes directly to the resort on the last day and here you disembark to stay another 4 nights on land. 

Day 9 – 13
Staying in a double room with AC and full board, you have nine dives pre-booked in the package, but for those of you who are eager and want to, you can probably book a few more dives.

Day 13
After breakfast we go to the airport and fly to Bali to change flights there. It will take a few hours between flights to guard against delays before your flight home to Scandinavia departs or for those of you who wish to continue your adventure in Bali, it starts here.

Day 14
Back in Scandiavia 

Please note!
Our program is only a preliminary plan that is influenced based on the external conditions that the weather gods reward us with. This means that we may have to move activities and dive sites to other days and also replace planned activities with alternatives if necessary. We ask you to be flexible.