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Experience magical Alor in Indonesia with Bent Christensen

Experience - In the eastern part of Indonesia the small island of Alor is located. For many, many years referred to as one of the world's most fantastic diving destinations but with the problem that it has been difficult to get there. Nowadays it is relatively easy and convenient and if you go via Jakarta or Bali you easily get here nowadays and have the opportunity to experience the distant beaches, in the vicinity of tourism pristine environments and not least magically good diving. Few places in the world can exhibit such richness and diversity of fish and in such large quantities as here. There are also some fantastic coral reefs with an incredible species richness and in a condition rarely seen nowadays in the world.

Here in the relatively cold waters between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, fresh water flows between the world ocean and the flowing water in this relatively small passage brings with it plenty of nutrients. It's not for nothing that species richness and diversity is so amazing here. A lot can appear here, from the smallest parasites and nudibranchs only a few millimeters to the world's largest living animals, the blue whales and everything in between. Sharks are relatively common but it is necessary to be in the right place of course. Schools of hammerhead sharks occur, lots of strange fish and invertebrates, fantastic coral walls, sponges, black coral and gorgonias that extend out from steep cliff walls, eaglerays, octopuses, crustaceans and an incredible amount of fish colors and live up to this environmental island.

If you are lucky you can see different whales, mainly dolphins at some distance and then the wonderful thing to be away from most things and actually be able to relax right between the dives. Go to Alor, this is pure magic and a really good nature experience.

Workshops on marine ecology, interaction in nature and tips for succeeding as a UW photographer - On the trip our ambassador Bent Christensen will be with you and as his great passion he has small animals but also the interaction between different species. Bent has been here at Alor in the past, praising the richness of the species and the fantastic corals. Bent is also a very good nature photographer and will be able to give tips and ideas also how you can develop your photography.

Your accommodation -The accommodation is simple but comfortable and functional and close to nature. Full board is included with breakfast, lunch and dinner including tea, coffee and water. Free laundry is included and all marine park fees. The meals are usually buffet style and besides the dining room there is also a small lounge area with library, good for relaxation and here ecologist Bent Christensen will tell you more about what you see in the water and you will be able to get answers to many questions about animals and nature.

Ambassador Bent Christensen - Bent has been diving since 1999 and has worked as a tour guide on diving trips since 2005. Through his great interest in biology he benefits and has been able to combine work with pleasure. Bent has dived in most of the world's warm waters, but currently focuses mostly on Indonesia and the Philippines. On trips with Bent, there will be the opportunity to get help and tips with their photography, to get help with figuring out what you saw during the dive, and in different ways, often shorter and informal lectures, to get more coherent information on different aspects of coral reef ecology.



START DATE 18 Nov 2021

END DATE 05 Dec 2021









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Alor, Indonesia

As autumn and winter begin to come closer, it can be nice to extend the summer. Why not go to Indonesia and experience the remote island of Alor. The flight here goes via Bali and then onward to the island of Alor. 14 nights accommodation with full board. 2 boat dives / day including tank, weights and guide and unlimited diving on the reef *. The house reef and the beach are full of life. Here you can find nudibranchs, scorpionfish, frogfish, pipepfish, seahorses, octopuses, rays or small sharks looking for food in the shallow water.
Outside the reef there is the opportunity to see sharks, turtles, rays and slightly bigger fish so whether you like big or small there is the chance of really cool diving. The reefs are in fantastic good condition and the dive sites are very varied and buzz with life. Reef, wall, muck and drift dives in a lovely mix.

In total, 14 nights accommodation is included at Alor with 12 dive days. Tank and weights are included with 2 boat dives / day and unlimited * diving on the house reef and filling of air.
Before you come to Alor, spend a night in Bali and you also end with a night in Bali. Domestic flights in Indonesia are included.
If you want to extend the trip, it goes without saying that it is good for extra.

* Good to know that the tides here mean strong currents and that diving at certain times on the house reef is not possible to offer. Times and opportunities for extra diving are determined and planned by the resort management.


Day 1
We leave Scandinavia and fly to Bali in Indonesia

Day 2
Arrival in Bali where we have transfer to Risata Resort in Tuban near the airport for an overnight stay


Day 2 - 3
01 night accommodation in sharedpart in double room including breakfast

Day 3
After breakfast we get to the airport and fly to Alor and then transfer to our accommodation in Pantar Islands

Day 3 - 17
14 nights accommodation in shared double room including full board and 2 boat dives per day as well as unlimited land diving provided the currents allow diving, including tank, weights, guide, boat

Day 17
Transfer to airport, fly back to Bali for one last night

Day 17 - 18
01 night accommodation shared double room including breakfast

Day 18
After breakfast we go to the airport and fly back to Scandinavia or for those who have chosen to extend the journey so the adventure continues

Please note!
Our program is only a preliminary plan that is affected by the external conditions that the weather gods reward us with. This means that we may need to move activities and dive sites to other days and also replace planned activities with alternatives if required. We ask you to be flexible.

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