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Experience Galapagos
3 - 13 october 2021

Magical Galapagos. Whale sharks, playing sea lions, large hammerhead shark lessons, curious sea turtles, mantas, several sharks, sunfish, penguins and much more. Join us on an unforgettable adventure and experience the unique animals and nature of Galapagos. We promise a big smile on your lips.

Your accommodation - On board Galapagos Aqua there is space for a total of 16 divers divided into nine spacious cabins. The liveboard is completely newly renovated in 2019 and has been in place in Galapagos since 1998.

The basic package of this trip is a week's liveaboard trip on the comfortable Galapagos Aqua dive boat. For those of you who think a week in Galapagos is too short, the trip can be extended by additional land-based days on the island of Baltra or a few days with a combination of Ecuador, Peru with Machu Picchu. More information on extensions will come in connection with the flight being booked about 10 months before departure.

The mythical Galapagos Islands offer superb diving for you who are fascinated by spectacular environments and large animals beneath the surface. You will most likely experience at least five different sharks: large adult whale sharks, huge schools of scalloped hammer head sharks, lots of coral sharks, galapagos shark and silky shark. In addition to these five sharks, you can also encounter black-tailed reef sharks and tiger sharks. You will also encounter a number of different rays, including spotted eagle rays, mantas, mobula rays, cow rays and sting rays. However, it is not just sharks and rays that can be seen; curious sea lions playing with you and nearby sea turtles are the closest everyday food to be found there on virtually every dive. Several species of dolphins and sunfish are also not very rare.

Galapagos also offers many unique nature experiences: sea iguanas grazing beneath the surface, the well-known elephant turtles, the endemic Galapagos bull head shark, the world's northernmost penguin species along with a host of other unique sea birds. In short; Galapagos is a dream for anyone who wants to get close to large marine animals.



START DATE 3 Okt 2021

END DATE 13 Okt 2021







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About Galapagos

Galapagos - this mythical and remote place consists of 19 islands as well as a dozen smaller islands and volcanic formations - in total it forms a land mass of about 8000 square kilometers spread over 50,000 square kilometers of ocean surface. Galapagos is located almost 1000 km west of Ecuador's coast and due to its remote location, Galapagos was completely isolated from the outside world for thousands of years.

It was not until 1835, when Charles Darwin, on the ship HMS Beagle, found the islands that the world caught the eye of one of the richest and most advanced ecosystems on our planet. It was Darwin's observations on Galapagos that led to his book "On the Origin of Species" which came to overthrow and change man's view of creation and human origin.

Even today, these active volcanic islands are home to a distinctive flora and fauna, including many species that are not found anywhere else in the world, so called endemic species. The islands are part of Ecuador's national park and belong to the World Heritage Site. The rich and unique wildlife on land is more than well matched in the surrounding sea.


Sunday 3 october

You leave Scandinavia and fly to Quito, Ecuador. Landes the same day and gets transfer to the hotel in Quito.

Monday 4 October
Free day in Quito at your your own leisure.

Tuesday 5 October
Check out from the hotel in Quito and get a transfer to Quito Airport for the flight to Baltra in Galapagos. At the airport you will be picked up by Galapagos Aqua staff and transferred to the boat. The boat leaves the harbor and you get a review of everything that will happen on board, the first check dive takes place in the afternoon.

Wednesday 6 October
You continue to Bartolome where you dive during the morning. This afternoon's plan is a land tour on Cousin's Rock before heading north in the evening.

Thursday - Saturday 7 - 9 October
During these three days, the plan is to dive to and around the two northernmost islands, Wolf and Darwin Island. Here you will get unbelievably good world-class diving with, among other things, a large number of sharks.

Sunday 10 October
You head for Isabela Island and dive around Punta Vicente Roca. A favorite stand for many photographers who can get cool pictures here!

Monday, October 11
You dive at Roca Blanca and Pinzon, located on the south-east coast of Isabela Island, it is one of the best dive sites that the central islands have to offer. Due to the colder waters around the central islands, this increases the diversity of marine life.

Tuesday 12 October
The road to the highlands leaves from Bellavista, a small village which is a 15-minute drive from Puerto Ayora, and passes through the agricultural zone near the border of the national park, Miconia Zone, and then goes to Fern and Sedge zone. With clear weather, this area has beautiful views with wide open hills and extinct volcanic hills covered with grass and lush greenery all year round. Here you will visit Twin Craters and a local ranch where we can observe the large turtle that lives on Santa Cruz Island in its natural habitat. It's time to say goodbye to Galapagos. It has been a pleasure to accompany you on this unique journey and hope to see you again very soon!

Wednesday 13 October
You leave Quito and fly back home to Scandinavia (unless you decide to extend a few days in Ecuador or Peru etc).

Thursday 14 October
By this time you should be back in Sweden again with memories for life as well as memory cards full of amazing pictures.

Please note
The itinerary is only a preliminary plan. Activities can change or may need to be exchanged, in the case of adverse weather conditions or other unexpected incidents. Accommodation can also change due to availability. We ask you to be flexible.

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