Philippines diving trip with Flying Divers.
Lovely combo with Sipalay and Dauin
14 - 30 March 2025

The Visayas in the central Philippines is known for fantastic diving and a round trip here with visits to several sites is highly appreciated. You start the trip with diving at lovely Sipalay with a long lovely beach and close to varied diving with both wrecks, macro and corals. The journey ends in Dauin which with its idyllic location by the sea and a climate that is good all year round and on top of that absolutely fantastic diving where everything is close by so this is a real gem. A lovely combination where you don't need such long transfers between your resorts.

Relaxation and vacation, leisurely pace - Come with us to the lovely Visayas in mid-March 2025. A maximum of 20 people can fit on the trip with Flying Divers. You will visit two completely different places even if it is the same island during the trip and have the opportunity to relax between diving and enjoying the sun and swimming. The locations are so different that they don't even have the same language even though there are no more than three hour transfers between the resorts. There are reasons why many people fall in love with the Philippines with its lovely resorts, pleasant climate, wonderful diving and fantastic people. Many go here again, again and again. Additional programs with transfers and accommodation with breakfast can of course be arranged for those who wish

Your accommodation – In Sipalay you will stay at a resort which offers simple good accommodation directly by the sea and with the diving center right next door. Here you enjoy diving, sun, beautiful beaches and unwind quickly. Here there is varied diving with some wrecks and several places with reefs, walls and also macro diving. Here there is something to suit everyone and with the possibility of doing up to four dives per day. Most dive sites are within a few minutes of boat travel. You will stay six nights in this lovely place with its lovely beach and varied diving.

After Sipalay on the east coast of Negros Island and diving, you will go to one of the most famous dive sites in the Philippines, classic Dauin. Here you end the trip with good, comfortable accommodation in beautiful Atlantis Resort where you have access to both diving and relaxation. Here you enjoy reefs but above all lots of exciting marine macrolife. Macro diving is offered here, which is among the best in the world. Apo Island also offers fabulously beautiful reefs with beautiful walls covered in corals, gorgonians, sponges and here there is a rich marine life with fish and many different invertebrates. Diving to Apo Island is included in the trip. Breakfast is offered in the accommodation and at the Atlantis resort there is also a restaurant, bar, massage, a pool and of course diving. You will stay here for 8 nights at the end of the trip. Just a couple of minutes walk away on the beach you have Dauin's best pizza and there are also some restaurants within walking distance.

Who's going on the trip? - Along for the ride is Flying Divers from Gothenburg which will take you on a real adventure and with many different experiences below the surface. Relaxation and holidays, beautiful days and with the opportunity to do things on land are also available.




14 MAR 2025

30 MAR 2025







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Diving in Sipalay

Directly adjacent to your accommodation in Sipalay is the diving center. The dive center has several dive boats that take you to different dive sites in the area around Sipalay. They have good guides when it's time to dive and who will look for fun and exciting marine life for you and others. Sipalay offers diving for everyone with varied diving and a little bit of everything. Wrecks exist, macro exists, slightly larger animals are sometimes seen, plenty of corals, fish and invertebrates. Nothing stands out but it's the experience of relaxation, beach, land activity and the wonderful diving all in all that makes so many people really love this part of the Philippines. For those who do not dive or who travel with children, it is a perfect destination. 

Diving in Dauin

Dauin just south of the city of Dumaguete on the island of Negros in central Visayas has become, and rightfully so, one of the Philippines' most popular destinations for divers in recent years. Here is the world-famous island of Apo Island and also the whale sharks In Oslob just north of southern Cebu that have made the region famous. However, what is most famous here is the fantastic macro diving. Large areas of sand and mud and interspersed here and there oases with corals and reefs and also some artificial reefs to increase the amount of fish and species richness. Here you can find fish of all imaginable sizes, colors and shapes. Also hammerhead sharks and thresher sharks and reef sharks are sometimes seen with a lot of luck out at Apo Island, but also stingrays, eagle rays, manta rays and other things are sometimes seen there. Turtles are very common out at Apo Island

The invertebrates, cephalopods, nudibranchs, crustaceans and echinoderms dominate together with sponges, sea urchins and various corals or sea urchins. The species richness is fantastic and all dive sites are relatively close so there are rarely long trips except to Apo Island in particular. The diving is varied and different animals thrive more or less well in different places, which is why one day is rarely the same as the next, even if at first glance it may seem like "Help, what am I doing here". But with the help of experienced guides with familiar eyes and knowledge of marine life, you will be able to experience a lot of fun and excitement with a variety of strange animals that you might not even have thought existed. 

Dauin is a real diving paradise and you can go here all year round as the weather is relatively stable and the area is very calm and peaceful. For those of you who want to extend the journey either at the beginning or after Dauin, it is entirely possible and we will help you find good solutions for this.

Itinerary day by day

Day 1
You leave Scandinavia and go to Manila, the fantastic capital of the Philippines. 

Day 2
Arrival in Manila and here it will be a hotel night before you go on to the island of Negros.

Day 3
After breakfast you will fly to Dumaguete and then transfer by car to Sipalay and Easy Diving.

Day 3 – 9
06 nights accommodation part in standard double room (AC) including breakfast.
10 dives pre-booked including tank, nitrox, weights, boat and guide.

Day 9
You check out of the resort and here there is a transfer by car to Dauin and Atlantis resort where you check in.

Day 9 – 17
08 nights accommodation part in deluxe room including breakfast.
Dive package with 10 dives pre-booked. Tank and weights as well as marine park fees are included here.
Including diving at Apo Island with boat and guide.
Nitrox is included during the week for those who are nitrox certified and register by July 14, 2024

Day 17
Check-out and late transfer by car to Dumaguete airport and flight back to Manila. From there, fly back to Scandinavia in the evening or, for those who extend the trip, either a continued stay in the Philippines or perhaps in a big city on the way home. We will of course help you with arrangements here as well. For those of you who wish to extend your trip or add days before, please contact us and we will of course look at alternatives for you.

Day 18
Back in Scandinavia.

Please note!
Our program is only a preliminary plan that is influenced based on the external conditions that the weather gods reward us with. This means that we may have to move activities and dive sites to other days and also replace planned activities with alternatives if necessary. We ask you to be flexible.