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If you plan to dive from land, you can rent equipment at any time during your vacation. However, we recommend that you pre-book your equipment to ensure that your sizes are available. On liveaboarder, the supply is often limited, so if you want to rent, let us know at least 30 days in advance, preferably earlier so that we can arrange it for you. 

Minimum equipment for diving at all destinations is as follows:

  • Wet suit
  • BCD 
  • Regulator with octopus
  • Dive computer
  • Boots, fins, mask, snorkel
  • Log book
  • SMB

Read more in our links at each destination and you will find information about water temperatures so you know what type of suit to bring depending on how frozen you are.

Read more in our packing list on this page as well

A bottle, usually 12L or 80 cubic feet (11,1L), is usually always included wherever you go unless otherwise stated, as well as weights and a weight belt.