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Travel insurance is there to protect you during your trip
First of all, check your home insurance and find out what the conditions look like for you. As for lost luggage, lost wallet, missed diving days, missed connections and flights and medical transport and treatment, among others. All insurance companies have different rules and some are more favorable than others. Travel insurance applies from the time you leave home or arrive at the airport and the journey has started until you return home.

Here you can take out your own travel insurance with Gouda Travel Insurance - applies to you who are young people aged 0-69!
for those of you who have reached 70+, take out your travel insurance here.

Cancellation insurance is there to protect you if you have to cancel your trip
We recommend that you have some form of cancellation protection in case something happens before departure that means you have to cancel your trip. Sometimes your bank card has favorable cancellation rules that apply when you pay for your trip via bank giro or directly with your card. Most insurance policies also apply if a close family member or travel companion falls ill and prevents you from traveling as planned. 
If you choose to take out a separate cancellation insurance, most independent insurance companies such as ERV or Gouda take about 6% of the trip price as a fee, and you have to pay that together with the deposit. You cannot take out cancellation insurance later than 48 hours after the deposit has been paid. On the other hand, they often have more favorable rules in case of injury. 

Here you sign your cancellation protection with Gouda cancellation insurance.

En diving insurance may be necessary to cover any diving-related accidents. Many travel insurance policies cover diving accidents and incidents today. It is imperative to request specific information and preferably get it in writing and ask for it in English. If you need a more comprehensive diving insurance, we recommend it at Scuba Travel DAN (Diversity Alert Network). A Sport Member insurance is sufficient for recreational divers. It is especially important that your diving insurance covers passenger transport if you are on a liveaboard or at a destination that is far from the possibility of pressure chambers.