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Information about travel and diving insurance

We recommend that all of our travellers purchase dive and travel insurance before their holiday. All of our liveaboard operators require customers to show proof of insurance in order to join the trip, as is the case for the majority of shore based diving as well.

First we suggest that you take a look at what is included in your home insurance. Call your insurance company to see if travel insurance can be added on, and ask specifically if diving is covered. If diving is covered, make sure to find out what limits there are depending on the type of diving that you will be doing on your holiday, and that emergency transportation is included should you be required to go to a chamber, hospital, etc.

Cancellation and/ or travel insurance may be included if you pay with a credit card. Contact the company through which you have your VISA/ Mastercard to find out what conditions apply to you.

Many times a complementary insurance is needed to cover that which may not be included in the options above.

Scuba Travel partners with Europeiska ERV travel insurance. They have a wide selection of different travel insurances including Cancellation insurance (if something should happen before the trip - Avbeställningsskydd), General travel insurance (youth, basic or plus - reseförsäkring Ung / Bas/ Plus), as well as complete insurance packages for special trips such as Extremsport, Backpacker, etc. With Europeiska ERV you can tailor make your own insurance to cover that which is not included in the insurance that you own today. For more information visit ERV’s website here.

It is important to note that the majority of cancellation insurance policies must be purchased a minimum of 48 hours from the time you book a holiday and pay for the deposit, otherwise they are not valid.

DAN dive insurance

If you have home insurance with a good coverage and are only looking for dive insurance, then we recommend DAN (Divers Alert Network) insurance. They offer a full-year insurance policy that covers various levels of diver, which can be a great savings if you plan to do more than just one week of diving per year.  Read more about it here.

For more information, prices, and booking of Europeiska ERV insurance, contact us at 0301-22 100 or info@scubatravel.se

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