Egypt is a country located in northeast Africa. It has coasts on both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. As a diver, the coast towards the Red Sea is definitely the one that attracts the most. Egypt has several resorts along the Red Sea, all of which are well-known diving destinations or departure points for liveaboards.
The red sea
The Red Sea is the northernmost tropical sea with great species richness. It only takes between five and six hours to fly here from the Nordic countries. This makes Egypt an attractive destination for divers who don't want or have the time to go far, but still want to see something out of the ordinary.
Any season
It is excellent to dive all year round in Egypt, and the temperate desert climate means that you can advantageously choose the time of year that suits you best. The water temperature, which is 25-28 degrees during the summer, ends up being just under 20 degrees in the winter, while the autumns and springs consequently offer temperatures somewhere in between.
Egypt is a very large liveaboard destination with a huge range of boats and dive sites. Of course, you reach the best dive sites by boat, and you also reach more dive sites when you go on a liveaboard. We can help you choose the right liveaboard that suits what you want to see and experience. Contact us on 0301-22100!
Our boats

We have many boats and several different routes to choose from. Click on liveaboard, select Red Sea and Egypt, and you can read more about our options. You can of course contact us directly on tel. 0301-22100 – See Departures

What can you see
The coral reefs are fantastic and here there are more than two hundred different species of coral animals. During certain periods of the year, the chances of seeing a lot of sharks are high, including hammerhead sharks and whitetip ocean sharks. Sea turtle and dugong (which is a relative of the sea cow) are two more animals you have the opportunity to experience in Egypt.
Wreck diving
There are many famous wrecks in Egypt that are well worth a visit. Several of our liveaboard boats have specialized in wreck diving. Some wrecks lie quite deep and are suitable for technical diving. All our liveaboard boats have nitrox on board, and the boat used specifically for technical diving also has trimix.
Normally you do two to three dives per day and one or two night dives on our liveaboard boats. Look at each boat's route to see exactly how many dives will be made. We always have a local guide on the dive so that you get the most out of each dive. You don't want to miss a thing!
Departure every week
As Egypt is close by and is a major diving destination, we have departures there every week. If you are interested in a particular week, it is best to book in time as a liveaboard has limited space - See Departures
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