Liveaboard in Indonesia, The world's best diving
Liveaboard in Indonesia probably offers divers the best diving in the world. Depending on where in the country you travel, you have many different options with top-class diving. Indonesia is big and it takes between five and six hours to fly across the country but the reward is all the greater. Depending on where you go in Indonesia, you will come to places with amazing healthy, thriving coral reefs and a huge species richness and diversity. Lots of fish, everything from small to the giants of the sea with whales and whale sharks. No other country can offer so much and so varied diving for divers and snorkelers.
Liveaboard in Indonesia
The Republic of Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia or the Far East and consists of over 16 islands. Spread between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean (some of the islands are actually in Oceania) it is an enormously large country. Several of the islands have been formed due to underwater volcanoes, and some islands have highest points of a staggering 000-3 meters. This means that there are also several deep sea trenches around Indonesia and the world's deepest point that is not a deep sea trench is located here. A liveaboard and diving trip in Indonesia takes you to perhaps the best diving in the world.

Indonesia is located on the equator and the climate is tropical, i.e. hot and humid. The water temperature is around 26-30°C degrees all year round. The best diving is generally between April and November, but all parts of the year have their advantages and you can go here all year round. It totally depends which part of Indonesia you visit for your diving trip.

Indonesia still has some unexplored areas and can attract with exciting and unspoiled nature. New species are still being found under the sea surface. It is estimated that there are 3 to 4 different species of fish here. Many diving enthusiasts consider Indonesia to have the most exciting diving. It is still surprising and remarkable that so few have realized that it is a superb diving destination even though diving is growing hugely in Indonesia. Liveaboarding in Indonesia is also a growing industry.

The variety you will find in diving in Indonesia is amazing. For example, during a single hour-long dive in Manado on Sulawesi, you can see both frogfish and pygmy seahorses. Rays and water snakes. The species richness is really hard to beat! Some areas have more large fish, while others are perfect for the small animals. If you want to try to experience everything, the liveaboard is the one you should bet on. It takes you to varied diving and the best dive sites in the area you are in Indonesia. Most famous places are enough Raja AmpatBaliherd with bunakenGangaBangka and Lembeh on the island of Sulawesi, KomodoMaratua in Borneo, Lombok, AlorWakatobiTomoticsHalmahera, AmbonMisoolPapuaThe MoluccasTriton Bay and there are liveaboards at all these locations.

Liveaboard in Indonesia

We have several different liveaboard options in Indonesia to offer and by far have the most experience in this amazing diving country. Common to all is that the boats are spacious and built especially for divers. Diving usually takes place from smaller boats in small groups. This is so that you get as much as possible out of the diving - Departures Liveaboarder Indonesia.

Dive sites
There are a number of very good dive sites, but with slightly longer distances between them. If you book your diving trip with a live board you have the chance to see more of the dive sites than when you are land-based. The boat can constantly move between dive sites when you are not diving, thus covering a large area. The variety is great, with walls, gorges, reefs and wrecks and amazing coral gardens.
Some fish that are rare in the rest of the world are abundant in Indonesia. Here you really have the opportunity to see a lot. There is a multitude of coral fish and if you are lucky you will see sea snakes, sea horses. manta rays, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and other animals and fish that are rarely or never seen elsewhere. The macro life in Indonesia is absolutely amazing and few places have so many strange smaller animals to experience and photograph while diving.
Combination Liveaboard and diving resort in Indonesia
On your trip to Indonesia, feel free to combine a week liveaboard with a week at a hotel or resort. There is much to experience on land as well. Nature is spectacular and waiting to be explored.
New boats and dive sites

Indonesia is a destination that has good potential to grow. It is huge and there is no way to see everything at once. Here you can book a liveaboard or different diving trips several times without having to see the same dive site twice if you don't want to - See Departures. No matter where in Indonesia you choose to go, you will have a great experience, holiday and diving trip. Contact us directly here for a quote and more info

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