A liveaboard is really the dream of every avid diver, because real liveaboard diving means that you live, eat and sleep directly on your dive boat. This way you get maximum dive time, and you also avoid the day trip boats to get to the dive sites. Your liveaboard boat takes you to good diving locations beyond the usual crowds, all so that you can have calm and memorable days filled with diving, sun and blue waters. Boat-hotel-dive center – all-in-one.
The boats
The liveaboard boats are specially built for diving and divers. All diving takes place in smaller groups adapted to experience. All boats offer nitrox and training. There is always trained staff to guide you underwater.
Destinations with liveaboard
We have a variety of destinations where we offer liveaboard. Look under the Liveaboard tab and you will find our destinations! The Maldives, Egypt and Indonesia are some of our options, but there are more. We are constantly working actively to develop more attractive travel destinations. Sign up for our newsletter so you will receive regular information about what we can offer!
We offer
We offer a variety of liveaboard options. In some destinations, you can travel with tour guides who share their experience. Furthermore, there are, for example, weekly departures to Egypt, or special trips to Hanifaru with manta rays and whale sharks. If you are a group, we can tailor your liveaboard. Contact us with your wishes on tel. 0301-22100.
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Book your liveaboard in time
Some liveaboards require some planning. It may have to do with weather or currents, for example. There are only a limited number of places available, so be sure to book these trips well in advance to avoid missing out on your liveaboard.
Depending on your experience, there are different types of liveaboard to choose from. Some require a certain amount of experience, others offer a beginner's course on the boat. Feel free to contact us and tell us what you want, and we can recommend the best option for you. Call us on 0301-22100 today!
Easier to dive
Most liveaboards offer two to three dives per day, and one or two night dives per week. It may vary slightly from destination to destination. Since you live on the boat, it's easier to catch up on more diving. You are already on the boat, and while you are taking a break, the boat moves to the next dive site.
When you book a liveaboard, there is always the opportunity to attend courses and further your education. Take the chance and make the most of what the destination has to offer. For example, take a wreck course in Truk Lagoon or learn to scuba dive in the Maldives. Book the course when you book the trip and you are guaranteed a place.
You who don't dive
There are actually those who do not want to dive, and if you are one of them, you are most welcome to book your trip with them. It is perfectly possible to liveaboard without diving. You'll definitely have a different kind of vacation, and who knows, maybe you'll decide to learn to dive and become a diver yourself!
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