Diving in Saudi Arabia, liveaboard in the Red Sea

Now Scuba Travel introduces diving trips with diving in Saudi Arabia with liveaboard. Experience diving in the Red Sea. Diving in Saudi Arabia has been difficult to access with previous tourism regulations. Now, Saudi Arabia is finally opening its doors to tourism and it is getting easier. Now at the beginning of May goes Annette from the office in Gothenburg down to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia - There she will try the adventure and we thought it was important that we send a girl on this trip. We must be able to feel what it is actually like on site.

When Annette comes home from her trip, we will publish a travel blog. As we know that there is huge interest in going to the Red Sea and that Saudi has been a big mystery. Saudi Arabia has been surrounded by myths about a magical lot of sharks, so we have already booked some liveaboards for 2025 and we are already looking at 2026.

Upcoming group trips are planned

We have booked in liveaboard to Saudi Arabia with Klas Malmberg on a special shark trip to magical Farasan banks. The Red Sea's own "Galapagos". These reefs are known for their shoals of hammerhead sharks but also many many other species of shark are normal to see here. Dramatic drop offs and wall diving that offer exciting experiences for those with a little more experience.

Hurry up to sign up for diving in Saudi Arabia with liveaboard because we think the interest is huge. If you are a diving center or a club, contact us and we will see what can be arranged, of course. We have four liveaboards from 2025 that we can work with and that have quite a lot of places at the time of writing. (2024 is almost full already for larger groups)

Contact us to book your diving trip to the Red Sea and a liveaboard in Saudi Arabia