Indonesia's most luxurious liveaboard, Damai I and II. Diving trips for those who like style and comfort.

Scuba Travel now offers Indonesia's most luxurious Liveaboard Damai I and II. Indonesia's most luxurious liveaboard. The cabins are large, 16-40 square meters and offer plenty of room to move around and comfort. A maximum of 12 or 14 guests on board and with a crew of 18. Damai I and II offers liveaboards or diving cruises to, among others, Komodo, Misool, Sorong in Raja Ampat with Dampier straits, the Banda Sea with Ambon and Banda Neira with several locations. For those who like liveaboards and appreciate comfort, this is the obvious choice for you.

In addition to large cabins, you have a large, comfortable lounge and restaurant area where top-class food is served. You have a large diving deck with your own buoys, a large camera room with plenty of charging options and when you dive, there are a maximum of 4 divers per guide and, of course, nice areas to relax on deck between experiences below the surface. No matter which route in Indonesia's fantastic archipelago you choose, you will get an experience that no other liveaboard can offer. A unique product for you looking for the best. Of course, you can book for individual trips or book the whole boat for a group. Diving in Indonesia can hardly be experienced better.

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