Environmental commitment

Unfortunately, it is the case that the earth's average temperature is rising, which is a direct effect of human activity here, including by increasing carbon dioxide emissions but also the devastation of large forest areas that previously absorbed large amounts of carbon dioxide. Aviation today accounts for 3% of man's total CO2 emissions and in Sweden aviation accounts for 4-5% of CO2 emissions (Source LFV.se) but the proportion is predicted to increase sharply in the next 15 years. Measured per passenger kilometer, flying emits more CO2 than any other means of transport. So what can we do to help slow global warming and minimize CO2 emissions from aviation?

Fortunately, much can be done to offset these emissions and improvements are constantly being made to reduce emissions from air traffic. Internally at Scuba Travel, all activities that employees do in the company in the form of business trips, consumption of materials, electricity and heating in the office are fully environmentally compensated from 2017. The environmental compensation is done in collaboration with South Pole and the projects we support are the Paradigm project in Kenya and REDD+ Forest Protection in Zimbabwe. Read more…