New fee for Bali.

Bali's local government has introduced a new fee for Bali or “LOVE BALI” of IDR 150.000 (roughly SEK 100). The fee applies to all international travelers from 14 February 2024.
We recommend you and all travelers who go to Bali to apply before you travel there.

The initiative is designed to contribute to the preservation and continuation of the island's unique cultural heritage while strengthening its commitment to sustainable tourism. Starting February 14, 2024, international visitors to Bali will be required to pay a one-time fee of IDR 150 (approx. USD 000). All travelers are requested to pay the fee prior to arrival in Bali.
Upon payment, a tourist tax voucher will be sent by email and you should store it on your smartphone for scanning at the checkpoints at Bali's airport and ports.*

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* You who book your diving trip to Bali and Indonesia with us at Scuba Travel will of course receive the link to register and where you can pay the fee together with your travel documents. For those who choose not to register or pay in advance, this can also be done upon arrival in Bali. Note that you will likely get stuck in long lines in that case and significantly longer to get through immigration.