Diving trip to Scotland and snorkeling with basking shark

We went to Scotland on a diving trip to snorkel with basking shark, the world's second largest fish. We made our way to Northern Scotland and the Hebrides and Isle of Coll to try and experience this amazing the shark. The waters surrounding Scotland are some of the richest in the world. During the spring, an environment is created in the cold water here, optimal conditions for an explosive bloom of plankton. This attracts both large and small marine life in the sea.

During the day we were out at sea for eight hours and there we were joined by large groups of bottlenose dolphins. It was wonderful to see when they jumped out of the wave both in front and behind the boat. We were supposed to go ashore on the Treshnish Isles, but unfortunately bird flu put an end to our visit. We were still happy to be able to sit in the boat and take photos as sea gannets, soles, cormorants, puffins and dolphins feasted on sea gannets. A young minke whale rolled around and exposed its belly to the boat's keel. It was awesome!

In the end we had to meet brugd

We snorkeled with curious harbor seals and gray seals in a lagoon with crystal clear water. Below the surface, we also had time to explore a place called Fingal's cave. Once we got to see the characteristic and much anticipated fin break the surface of the water, it was smaller in size. We probably expected a much larger fin. This one, however, could exceed our expectations, a juvenile brew, i.e. a young one.

When then the pointed nose stuck out of the water, there was no longer any doubt about the matter. The shark was about two to three meters long and after a quick visit it disappeared into the depths. We really were in the right place at the right time where we got to be part of something completely unique. It wasn't just diving in Scotland and snorkelling with brewed beer, but a fantastic encounter with several different animals and nature and lovely days out in the fresh air. 

This was not a diving trip with live board but we lived on land every day and were out with a smaller boat that easily took us through the beautiful landscape. Overall this dive trip was a fantastic experience that makes me long to return to Scotland and the Hebrides.